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Photo Album: Global Peace On The Move 5

What could be a special turning point in your life?

Peace Revolution would like to proudly announce an immediate availability of its new photo album "Global Peace on the Move 5". The album captures a joyful and peaceful moment of a group of young Peace Rebels who share an unforgettable journey at the "Pearl of the Sun" island in the southern part of Thailand. Though space, culture and belief may appear to divide them, they are brought together by the law of attraction, seeking the same goal and purpose of peace and searching for the answers within.


The answer comes easily for them through the simplest means of meditation. They take a journey inward to explore the relation between their body and mind. By closing their eyes, they find similarities among themselves regardless of their external differences. Such similarities are having a big positive impact on their lives and the world. Global peace is closer to reality that anyone could possibly imagine. It is within our reach, and the young Peace Rebels are making it on the move.

Global Peace on the Move 5

This photo book does not just contain ordinary scenic pictures and laughters. But it expresses well a strong bond between brothers and sisters, a universal love that they wish to share with the world. It reflects their will to bring about peace with them back home.

Let's witness the story through this photo album together.

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