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Inca Sun Rising Once Again

Peru is the land of the Ancient Inca, they were believed to be an Enlightened race, and placed particular importance on the role of the sun in the physical and spiritual world. To them the sun held many profound levels of understanding. Their holy men taught about unity with nature, of great awareness and awakening of the oneness of all beings and all of nature. Their prophecies speak of a time when the Earth will awaken, returning to natural ways, when the world will be turned upright again. The rising inner sun would usher in an era of light and peace. This sun is not the kind of sun that can be seen with the eyes, but another Sun that lies within ourselves, a Sun that radiates the light of peace. They prophesied of a time when the inner light of humans beings will be known once again, and this message will be spread by the children of the Sun.

Today our world is experiencing a time a great change, changes that can be seen in the physical world, and changes that are happening in the consciousness of human beings: a revolution of the mind. In May 2011 Peace Revolution will visit Peru to gather together many young peace revolutionaries and anyone who would like to join, for a meditation retreat. During this time Peruvians will practice stilling the mind in meditation, a still mind becomes clear and bright, with a bright mind one is able to see the inner sun of peace that has always existed within oneself, but which remained hidden because of darkness.
This sun of peace is the true origin of peace in the world.
The schedule will be as follows:
  • Monday 16 May 8:30 pm to 10:30pm Meditation Session with PIPOS: group of Peace Revolution Rebels in Lima
  • Main Event: Wednesday 18 May 7pm Meditation Session at Ricardo Palma´s University auditorium coorganized with ADASEC organization

    Adresse: Av Arequipa 5198 Miraflores. It is for all public and no payment.
  • Saturday 21 May - Sunday 22 May Meditation Retreat at Eco Truly Park at Huaral, Lima. For further information contact [email protected].

Everyone is welcome to join the public sessions of Main Event at wednesday 18 may for free and Meditation Retreat at saturday 21 and sunday 22 may previous confirmation with Ecotruly park.
For so many years people and governments have struggled to create peace, searching but never reaching this goal. It is only now that we realize that there can be no peace, until we find the peace within. The darkness of ignorance which causes anger, fear, immorality, and war, fades with the rising of the rising of the inner sun. May the light of peace within all of us shine brightly to dispel the darkness of the world.

Peace in – Peace out.

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