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How To Create Willpower/Courage

How do you create your own willpower/courage?

"A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success." - Source Unknown

Everybody needs encouragement especially during hard time. Isn't it good to have someone who understands you by your side? Isn't it great to get the power from your heart when you really need it?

It's strange that some people can always live on their own. They can undertake the difficulties fearlessly and energetically. Surprisingly the courage they have is still left to be shared with people they love endlessly too. How do they do that?

Where the courage comes from then?

- Somebody gives it to you.

- You give it to somebody.

- You give it to yourself.

Of course, normally people try to think of the first way to get the courage. That's why we are online seeking for something to fill our heart so that we don't feel alone fighting with problems in our lives. However, courage can come from ourselves too. Whenever we are trying to encourage the others, this means we must have the courage within us first because to cheer up other people isn't easy. Strangely the courage we give to other people fills our heart with positive energy too. Courage itself is surprisingly strange. The more you give it to others, the more you have it for your own too. So, why don't we give ourselves courage sometimes?

From my point of view, courage lives in our mind. If your mind is weak, it's hard to face the problems even if you've got TONS of words of encouragement from others. So, how and where to search for courage in our mind then?

First, you need to have FAITH in what you are doing. Believe in yourself that you are doing the right thing. Say it to yourself in the mirror trillion times that come ‘on I'm doing the right thing. It's good for me. I will keep on doing it.

After you have FAITH in yourself, you need perseverance. It's the key to make sure that you will be on the right path and reach the destination. A man will reach the top of Everest Mt because of this, don't you think so?

What else do we need here? To have FAITH and Perseverance, you need to know how to control your mind to focus on what you are doing. Always have your mind controlled and you will know what you are currently doing and why you are doing it for.

To control your mind, you need MEDITATION. In my opinion, while there are many ways to train your body, meditation the only way to effectively train the mind using a short amount of time.

And the last thing, always fight the problem intellectually. Don't let your emotions take control. Use your head not your tears to fight the problem. Don't lose your faith, don't feel depressed or you will lose courage. And you will know that the best way to fix depressing is simply not to think about it.

What about your tips? Share with us here.   

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