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"Man is in search of peace, bliss, wisdom and happiness. 

We are all trying to achieve that everlasting happiness which is gained through knowledge which is gained through peace which is gained through method. 
For happiness we need peace of mind. 
For peace of mind we need mind control. 
For mind control we need method. 
We need a definite process with which to completely cut off the mind from the from the contact of the senses - from the sensations and objects of the outside world.

The mind should be free from all turmoils. 
Buddhist scriptures, Hindu scriptures, Tibetan, Tao, and Confucian scripture all speak of ways to make mind free. 
In the beginning there are different methods, but they all meet in the same place. 

All paths lead to meditation, for there is only one goal and that goal is meditation. 

Meditation is the only path to freedom - freedom from anxiety; freedom from pain, anger, distress, and depression; freedom from all sorrows, all fears, and all bondages. Meditation is the only path to knowledge."

Swami Rama of The Himalayas

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