Anita Nuss

Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year all Peace Rebels, Peace Agents, Peace Coaches and people of the WORLD!
Blessings of health, safety, prosperity, success, happiness and most of all peace.
My teacher said, "...if human beings are loving-kind and believe in doing good deeds then peace on Earth will happen in an instant. 
Happiness will be our lot, wars will disappear.  Peace will be found in our heart.  We need to know that we are not at all different.  The Sun inside each of us will reveal to us that we belong to the same race..."
Well, I really like this, and hearing and seeing these words make me feel...ummm, well, awesome!  I feel we can really do this.  So, this is my anthem for 2011, and according to this theme I will set my new years resolutions. 
For now, I just want to say I'm so proud to be part of the Peace Revolution. 

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Claire Macdonald

I am proud to be a part of the Peace Revolution as well... I think we can do it and already have begun!

One of my New Year's Resolution for 2011 is to do more for myself. I feel as though I have more practice and dedication needed for find my true self and inner peace. Once I have done that, I will be able to spread my peace to the world! I found myself being too generous and caring for others, when the exchange was not always equal. At times I would get "walked on" and people would take advantage of my generosity. Well this year I am going to take the time to practice yoga and meditation daily without worrying about what other people want me to be doing.

I am not going to rush, but the quicker I find my inner peace, the quicker I can disperse my loving kindness and peace to the sun insides each of us.

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Rogers Bakkabulindi

i have some questions for tomorrows moonfest.

1)How do you find inner peace when things goes wrong? 2)How can i get peace of mind? 3)What is Yoga and how can it help me? 4)How Long Should be Spent in Meditation? 5)What are the different meditation techniques? a)Which is right for me?

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Anita Nuss

Thank you Rogers, I think very interesting questions, I will give them to Ven John. We will host our live moonfest meditation today at GMT12:00, that is in approximately 7 hours from now.
Please follow the meditation on the Peace Revolution Channel.

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Rogers Bakkabulindi

BENEFITS OF MEDITATION, Meditation is widely recommended as a healthy way to manage stress, and for good reason. It provides many health-enhancing benefits, like reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety, relieving physical complaints like headaches, and even enhancing immunity to illness. i LOVE MEDITATION ITS GOOD PIPO.

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Rogers Bakkabulindi


  1. Loving Kindness Starts With You:- Observe how your heart responds to your suggestions. Continue with the practice gradually and there is no need to hurry. Experience the warmth of your loving intention spread towards your whole body. Enjoy the bliss that slowly fills your heart.

  2. Loved One or Benefactor:- Next, you can move the practice of Loving Kindness towards the person whom you look up as a person of unconditional love -- who loves you and others without the expectation of getting anything back.

  3. Your Good Friend:- After having strong and unconditional love toward the benefactor, now you can repeat the phrases and feeling of Loving Kindness towards a person whom you regard as your dear friend.

  4. The Neutral Person:- generate feeling of tenderness and loving care towards a neutral person -- someone with whom you neither have a strong feeling of like nor dislike.

  5. The Difficult Person:- After this, you can repeat the above phrases for someone with whom you have hostile feelings and resentments; someone who provokes rather unfriendly feelings within you.

  6. All Living Beings:- Next, you can generate the feeling of Loving Kindness towards all living beings.

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Opio Lugai

i agree with my friend who double as my brother, Mr. Rogers with his six stages in the practice in the loving kindness.

Not to explain future, allow me post this photo to demonstrate how healthy it is to be loved and to love others

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Anita Nuss

Oh, Love the pic...its full of cute smiles and lovingkindness

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Alpha Musa

Anita Nuss i would like to inform you that i sick and i went to up country to ill my self for the pass three month and there was no inter net facility in my village. When i came back home i noties that i have date for interviue.Could you please make an other appointment for me.

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Jyotika Badyal

Hi all, m new here but definitely not new to the peace revolution!!m already working with an NGO that works for spreading peace message to one and all.happy to be here.and looking forward to share my expereinces and thoughts with you all. peace and joy jyotika

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Adil Shah

Nice to see you. Peace for all.... Pass it on!

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