Koen Schockaert

I Feel Alone

Some years ago i first discovered this site and the community. I really love the idea, an on line place where people with the same spiritual intrests can communicate.
So some days ago, i came back and found out about the self development program. I started using this nice program the same day.

Now, as i am exploring this site a bit further, i'm sad to see that i'm alone here. The front page states that there are 125766 members.

Where are you all hiding? Isn't there a space here where we can check the profiles of other users?
Personally i would love to have some more friends that are on the same wave lenght as me. If i could see here if there are other members from my region, then maybe i could contact them to discuss the important questions in life...

Submitted on 11 Feb 2021 14:14

Diego Caicedo

Nice comment Koen, I couldn't agree more. Feel free to ask anything, believe me, I am plenty of questions too. Regars

Submitted on 27 Feb 2021 06:02 from Ariya App

Arbre F

Hi, Koen. it would be nice to meed people over here. i guess this page has just made to go deep withing ourselves, which is the first step before anything else. as you said, i also found this site a few years ago, and just now i decided to start again since i have noticed im way disconnected to my inner being. sadly, i have spent a lot of time doing other things instead of meditating. i hope we both find the way to get some enlightenment some day soon. take care of yourself.

Submitted on 15 Apr 2021 22:50 from Ariya App

Wesley M.a


I feel also alone on this website. And meditation is hard for me. I am on day 4 (finished). Sometimes I feel I'm going to sleep, and I have often tension in arms/shoulder... I really don't appreciate meditation actually. I will try to arrive to day 21 just to see If I will feel same.

Submitted on 29 Apr 2021 17:27 from Ariya App