Jan 2021: Tackling Weakness To Achieve Big Success

What is impossible for some people, is also achievable for others. In order to create a good impact, we have to work towards achieving great goals.
Discover the secret of big success for the best in 2021!

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“It always seems impossible until it’s done”, said Nelson Mandela. But before it could be done, we need to conceive it from our mind. At the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) we believe in that secret ingredient of success as the “power of the mind” that turns ordinary people into extraordinary men/women. If you can use this inner tool effectively, nothing is impossible. Join us this year using our useful content for the greatest positive changes in your life.

Online Meditation Retreats

Are you looking for online programs to improve your life? For 2021, we have designed online meditation retreats in all regions of the world. We give you practical tools to use right away and the possibility to discuss with our teaching monks for personal coaching. This is what you will get during our Online Meditation Retreat. In the case you used to attend any online/offline session with us and would like to be the host for a group of people, team, or organization, you can also contact one of our Regional Coordinators.


Vanessa Rodriguez Narvaez

Vanessa believes that sustainable world peace is possible when we start with people of younger age. Her work with teenagers has been outstanding and impactful since she joined our team of trainers in 2020 after completing Peace Revolution Online Learning Program. With her acquired skills, she has been able to organize many mediation sessions for people in Peru reaching over 500 people. We recognize her commitment to share meditation as a powerful asset of positive changes. Please, feel free to invite her to your upcoming events.

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Peace In, Peace Out!

Co-founder and CEO

Ping Ping Worakate

WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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