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Aug 2020 Second Issue: What And How To Be A Better Version Of Yourself

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”; said Nelson Mandela.
Becoming a better version of yourself may seem difficult, but you can make it a reality if you start today. With the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), you have the opportunity to start right now the process towards becoming the better version of yourself. Here is what you can get with us this month:

Online Event: Online Meditation Retreat // Online Programs : Online Program for Women in Spanish // Coaching: Meet our trainers in your region


What does it take to become the better version of ourselves?

We often find ourselves trapped in life challenges so that we easily forget we have many beautiful things inside ourselves that we can offer for the welfare of others. Becoming the better version of yourself is not an easy task, but I believe that you can achieve it with us at the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) if you start the journey with us today. I am an example of self-transformation and this month, I would like to invite you to join us by using our valuable programs and events. You are a blessing to the whole world and we are ready to show you the way. Let’s start right now!

Online Meditation Retreat to Deal with stress and burnout
Want to connect with yourself and relax through meditation from the comfort of your own home? Join our first ever online meditation retreat. Learn to deal with stress and burnout practicing meditation and group coaching for 2,5 days. You will need a quiet place and internet connection, we shall take care of the rest. When? September 25-27, Berlin time. Where? Zoom application and Facebook group. Sign up here

MujerEsPaz - The program for women, in Spanish
Bienvenidas a MujerEsPaz, el programa para mujeres de habla hispana. Te invitamos a que seas parte de esta creciente tribu de mujeres para conectarnos, inspirarnos y dedicarnos momentos sólo para nosotras, para mimarnos, respetarnos y pulsar al unísono en la más alta vibración: el amor. Aprovecha este precio especial US$40 y sumate a esta iniciativa! Regístrate aquí.

Do you want to become a better version of yourself?

This month, we are celebrating Tatiana Moreno of Mexico, our certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer.

In her first month of being a Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer, Tatiana has done really well in spreading meditation in her community. Tatiana had set up two weeks of interviews of friends around the world sharing their wellness journey and parallel to that she did the 7 Days challenge of meditation + workouts. Tatiana says "Training the body as I train my mind is very important for my productivity, creativity, flow of energy, getting that boost in the morning gets me ready for the day, using my peace energy to create, to spread love, light, kindness and compassion.

To start your own journey with the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), register today for our online and free self-development program here.

Lauren Schwizens- Netherlands

“Going through hardships with the student’s mind”

The process of healing and recreating my life took me to East Africa to work in community development. I began to get serious with my quest for inner peace and harmony in my life.

My search online brought me to the Peace Revolution project’s 42 days Online Self Development. This was yet a new twist on my life path as a few years later, I made a new commitment to deepen my practice and become a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer. I could now guide other people in their quest for inner peace as well.

Find this useful?

You can also contact us if your organization or company would like to have online meditation with one of our trainers in your language. Please, don”t hesitate to contact us at elvis@wpifoundation.org

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Peace In; Peace Out!

May you be well!

Worakate Thangsurbkul

Co-Founder & Managing Director

World Peace Initiative Foundation

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