Felipe Ignacio Stuardo García

Is This Alive?

Hi im Felipe! First, sorry for my english, not my native languaje so ill do my best.

I created this account some days ago and started the 42 days program. The thing is, in the second day, and third day, there is the same audio.
I find a link with the mp3 to go audios and there are 11 episodes...So my questions is: Is this correct? the same audio of the day 1 its validfor the next days? is this entire website still alive? this is not that full of people like i see.

Hope there is someone here who could help us.

Have a nice day and we are in touch!

Submitted on 15 Nov 2019 23:36

Cholpon Zhunusova

Cholpon Nuridinovna Zhunusova <cholpon@wpifoundation.org> 12:28 PM (1 hour ago) to stuardo25

Hello, dear Felipe, I hope you are doing great in great health and a wonderful mood. We are very happy to see you on this wonderful journey. I remember myself back to 5 years ago to start discovering myself and my thyself. As Lao Tzu said: " Mastering others is the strength, mastering yourself is true power" So it's your time to master yourself. Dear, we have 15 episodes in this program. So every episode will be repeated, it's was specially designed to deepen the knowledge of users in one term and start a new term.

So please do not worry just enjoy your journey. We even provide you a coach. So any question you have in your mind you can share with your coach:)

With love and peace


Submitted on 21 Nov 2019 08:14 from Ariya App