Camilo Andres Castro

Keep Doing It!

Hi guys! I've been experiencing the same inconvenience as others since yesterday (July 11). My Self-development is blank so I am not able to continue my program but don't let this stop you. I've kept doing my meditation experience and tracking my progress on a diary but you can do it too in the space called "My Innner Peace Time". Also, I would be so grateful if you let us know when the problem is solved, to continue our programs. Thank you!! And hope everyone is having a great experience...

Submitted on 13 Jul 2019 00:37

Channary Tauch

Sorry for all the inconvenience caused. We are working on updating it now. Meanwhile, you can also use the self-development audio that is stored here : and note in IPT as you already did.

Peace and Love, Nary

Submitted on 13 Jul 2019 16:31 from Ariya App