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Most people run their lives driven by the circumstances and how these situations shape their view of life. Habits from childhood determine how we view life and often, as either good or bad, right or wrong. The bottom line is that we either have a negative or positive outlook of life. Sometimes, we meet people who appear to complain about everything in their life. Nothing ever seems to go right with them. They could be close friends, relatives, colleagues or ourselves. It could be you or me. Imagine the impact of spending a day with someone who appears to complain about anything and everything. Or, living like that for a major part of your life? Fortunately, these are merely viewpoints and, the good news; we can change them! This month, we offer you tools, tips and opportunities to transform negative thought patterns. It may be useful to someone you know, or even you. Follow our FB Page, blog or Instagram to get updates of thought-provoking Live sessions and articles. Cheers to your new world!

  1. Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives. - Robin S. Sharma
  2. Eliminate the mindset of CAN’T! Because you can do anything! - Tony Horton
  3. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - Wayne Dyer
  4. Once you awaken you will have no interest in judging those who sleep - James Blanchard
  5. There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it - Edith Wharton
  6. The project you are most resisting carries your greatest growth - Robin Sharma
  7. There are two ways to be happy. Change the situation or change your mindset towards it - Robert Tew
  8. To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail - Giorgio Armani

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Sara is committed to discovering the depths of human performance. Meditation gives her access to a better understanding of herself and how to help people live balanced lives through her practice, coaching and guidance. Sara also pursues an MA in Philosophy of Health and Happiness at The University of Birmingham, UK. You can connect with Sara here.


Meet Lubna, a Peace Architect with a difference, working with communities in Africa, to provide inner peace and other basic amenities to the villages. Contact Lubna and find out how she rallied her Peace Club to raise funds to dig wells in Uganda!

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Mind Detox Holiday

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