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WPI Grant: The Winner

WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE (WPI) is proud to announce the winner of the first ever WPI Grant for the Community. After the long and quite challenging process, here is the winner! 

Let's congratulte Mbimenyuy Marius Kongnso from Cameroon for successfully validating all the steps of selection because of the importance and quality of his "Hope for a Better Future" project. 

We believe that his work will bring significant improvements to his country Cameroon. 


Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 03:41

Channary Tauch

Congratulations :)

Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 03:53 from Ariya App

Molinge Nyoki

Congratulations Marius.We look forward to seeing your impact!

Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 10:03 from Ariya App

Brunel Fonsanou

Congratulations ???? 

Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 11:51 from Ariya App

Brunel Fonsanou


Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 11:55 from Ariya App

Brunel Fonsanou

And Congratulations 

Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 11:55 from Ariya App

Armand Kodjo

Congratulations! I wish you the best!

Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 17:33 from Ariya App

Mahieddine Khemachi

Keep up the good work

Submitted on 26 Jun 2019 18:53 from Ariya App

Suseih Cajamarca Blanco

Congratulations! :)

Submitted on 30 Jun 2019 08:10 from Ariya App

Esra Dede

Amazing initiative, hope to see it blossom and grow!

Submitted on 30 Jun 2019 11:37 from Ariya App

Andrea Carolina Pimienta Sierra

Congratulations! The greatest changes star with small decisions, and you started up.

Submitted on 4 Jul 2019 15:28 from Ariya App

Prima Ainembabazi


Submitted on 7 Jul 2019 19:43 from Ariya App

Chisomo Kanthema


Submitted on 8 Jul 2019 04:49 from Ariya App

Mafany Tande Myles Bilong


Submitted on 12 Jul 2019 01:47 from Ariya App

Jackson Athian

Congratulations, keep the same spirit

Submitted on 16 Jul 2019 13:53 from Ariya App

Nganje Molinge

Congrats. We wish you the best as you try to bring peace and happiness to your society.

Submitted on 18 Jul 2019 07:23 from Ariya App

Adewale Coker


Submitted on 21 Jul 2019 07:24 from Ariya App

Maria Alejandra Perdomo Rosas

Amazing!! :D Congrats!

Submitted on 22 Jul 2019 19:33 from Ariya App

Nnaemeka Ogbu

congratulations. sorry it came late

Submitted on 29 Jul 2019 13:35 from Ariya App

Zainab Yunusa


Submitted on 30 Jul 2019 12:30 from Ariya App

Mark Gbalazeh


Submitted on 7 Aug 2019 17:52 from Ariya App

Bernadette Fernandez


Submitted on 9 Aug 2019 07:50 from Ariya App

Shahrzad Khayatian

congrats :)

Submitted on 23 Aug 2019 17:13 from Ariya App

Ahsan Hameed

Many congratulation. Keep it up

Submitted on 3 Sep 2019 16:18 from Ariya App

Amour Dieu-donné Vodounhessi

Congratulations. Wishing you the best

Submitted on 15 Sep 2019 17:42 from Ariya App

Scarlette Castillo


Submitted on 16 Jan 2020 18:57 from Ariya App

Damilola Fasoranti

Congrats to you, Mbimenyuy Marius. Please, share with us the lessons and insights from your work through the WPI grant. Thank you

Submitted on 16 Feb 2020 10:11 from Ariya App

Seyedeh Elaheh Mousavi


Submitted on 18 May 2020 13:28 from Ariya App

Wissal Khadrouf

Nice, congrats

Submitted on 28 May 2020 02:25 from Ariya App