Wesley Mouedine Assaby

Sleep While Meditating


My situation, i have a baby, and i'm sysadmin.

The only moment i have on week to meditate is Monday to Friday at 12pm.
The problem is 5 minutes after i started i get sleep. And this, before or after lunch, i think i'm too tired.

When i meditate on saturday/sunday morning, it is ok.

So my question is, can i do this program only 2 days / week (only saturday/sunday) ?

Submitted on 18 Apr 2019 09:30

Cholpon Zhunusova

Hello, dear Wesley, Thank you for your message. Hope you are doing great. Dear, we have our physical body, which we can see and touch and there is an invisible part of us is mind, Our mind is too much focus on our outer world visible things, but as you know invisible things have much more power: like a love, GOD, low of attraction, wind and etc. All these beautiful things we can't see, but we always feel it. We always take a shower to keep our body clean and tidy, but why we can't take care of our mind as well as clean and tidy. We all have a choice so your choice to meditate every day and keep your mind clean and tidy, which will lead you to a successful, healthy and prosperous life. Our daily routine, news, gossips around us, emotions and feelings make our mind muddier, that's why we encourage everyone to meditate every single day. If you can't find 15 minutes per day for yourself then I advise you meditate every hour for 1 minute. I believe you can find 1 minute of your day for yourself.

"Mastering others is the strength, mastering yourself is true power"

So dear make your choice to make a better version of yourself.

With love ad peace


Submitted on 10 May 2019 18:57 from Ariya App