Hana Mohammed Abdullah Atiya

How Does The Meditation Experience Changed The Way You Evaluate The Different Attitudes From The Others.

- in different word, after you find peace inside of you, are you able to find peace in others regardless their annoying or discomfort attitudes!
- if someone for purpose tried to annoy you with harsh words, or act in harm way with you or with another person in front of you, how do you react (tell us your reaction before you start meditation and then after you experienced and found inner peace)?

Submitted on 23 May 2018 14:30

Amancio Sibinde

I always said that wickedness brings more wickedness but no one can resist the power of love. If someone treat me bad, i dont respond or I respond positively.

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Patricija Zubalić

I am sometimes having problem with that kind of situations when someone is rude to me. It is really hard to react wisely if that topic is connected with some of my insecurities. I think I learned that it is okay to be vulnerable and it is okay to be honest.

The thing is that I did have more of these kind of situations when I felt weak. Maybe it is okay to have some lousy reaction in that moment and later, when I feel a bit better, than "repeat" that conversation and say what is on my mind and how did I feel in that conversation and what hurted me.

Maybe it is good to become aware of when I am feeling attacked and why. Nobody wants to be a bad, anoying or rude person. They are just trying to meet some of their need in that conversation - but on way which I don't understand.

Thank you for asking these questions! :) And sorry for replying just now...I didn't see the "Discussions" before :)

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Esra Dede

I realise with every moment of stillness that I am talking to myself through my thoughts. Realising this I also realised that everyone is doing this and some people more than others. Some people listen to these thoughts and form a concept, an image that may not resonate with mine. This showed me that any annoyance of others towards me, any harm, is actually directed more to them than to me. I try to not judge people by the voices in their head anymore. Hopefully, eventually they can let these voices go and listen to their Inner Self.

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Prima Ainembabazi

The meditation experience has helped me to know how and when to react to different situations. I have realized that different people have different ways of expressing their anger towards someone. If someone is annoyed at me or talks bad to me, the first thing I do is to control my self from uttering out any word that might cause harm to that person. I later try to listen to what they have to utter to me, then tell them that I am sorry for what has happened however much I know that it was not my fault. I have realized that the bad feeling we get when someone speaks in a harsh way to us is the same way our colleagues feel. I have therefore tried to follow the acts of discipline so as to be able to create outer peace most especially with my enemies. In case the person is acting harshing to another person in front of me, the only thing I do is to calm the person down and tell him or her to imagine how he would feel if such a thing was happening to him, and then tell the person to apologize to the colleague.

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Lucinda Kangwana

Meditation makes me calm and relaxed. Everyone around me has noticed I smile a lot. I don't get involved in arguments and I maintain my calm even in tense situations. It helps you have this inner peace that you carry everywhere you go.

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Jenny Brito

hi everyone, I think when people use harsh word against you is because they still have to learn a little more about themself, love themself more and feel compassion about others, when that happen no one is harsh against other human been or animal, and also the way you see them or you perception about them is related. Before I started meditation i didn´t feel or think that way, at that time I would react, and take it personal or cry, but after I start meditation I start to change the way a look at myself and how i look at other and feel more consiouness. For example when i start my job six years ago my chief was really harsh to me and colleagues and she wasn´t nice or talk nice, it was difficult, but later on when i started to grow trought meditation and yoga practice, I started to look at her light ( meaning the good thinks that she had), and my perception about her changed, I changed and before i could notice it, she changed too and now is nice to talk to her, and smile more. If you are kind the world is full of kindness

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