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Introducing The DIY "Do-It-Yourself" Video Series

While many people want to change themselves, they lack support in terms of practice examples and encouragement. Why don't you join us and follow the Peace Revolution's latest "Do-It-Yourself" video series. These DIY videos will introduce you step-by-step of small things you can change that will lead to surprising positive effects to your study, work and relationship.

Do you know your "strengths" & "weaknesses"? If you don't, who will?
Why can't I get to sleep? Then struggle to wake up in the morning?
A list out of 10 countries okay to be late!

Submitted on 8 Mar 2018 03:57

Wissal Khadrouf

Nice idea and very well done videos :)

Submitted on 1 May 2018 12:20 from Ariya App

Said Zitouni

Very good idea

Submitted on 11 Jun 2018 11:49 from Ariya App

Levy Nganguia

that's wondrous

Submitted on 11 Jun 2018 15:35 from Ariya App

Diana Wanyende

''DIY'' is very effective

Submitted on 5 Jul 2018 08:22 from Ariya App