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SEE Peace Fellowship In Serbia

Have you felt that the world around you could become more peaceful, more balanced and more beautiful? How about starting with yourself and finding your inner peace first? If you come from South East Europe (SEE) region, here’s an opportunity for you: apply for the SEE Peace Fellowship in Serbia taking place from 28 September to 1 October, and be the peace you are looking for.

SEE Peace Fellowship is organized for the 3rd time gathering people interested in self-development. The fellowship includes interactive activities, meditation & yoga sessions, lectures and discussions providing participants with new skills for non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. During the SEE Fellowship, participants will have a chance to explore meditation as a practice which can cultivate skills to deal with challenges within peace-building and youth work, as well as enhance emotional intelligence.

Meditation sessions and lectures will be delivered by meditation trainers and a Teaching Monk from Thailand giving participants a unique opportunity to interact with a Monk, learn from his wisdom and find out about his lifestyle.

For selected participants, SEE Peace Fellowship will cover accommodation, food, meditation sessions and lectures fee, as well as yoga classes. The Fellowship does not cover international transportation to Serbia, local transportation within the country, as well as personal expenses.

The Fellowship is open for the nationals and residents of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Cyprus.

In order to apply, please access the application form, as well as complete the 14 days of self-development program on Peace Revolution platform.

Submitted on 6 Jun 2017 09:14