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Mindfulness And Meditation Sessions With The Solomon Islanders

After the first successful Mini-PIPO Program in Fiji in September 2016, Peace Revolution Project made its entry into the Solomon Islands conducting a very successful Mini-PIPO Event in Honiara. The Asia-Pacific Team of the World Peace Initiative Foundation planned its way thoroughly into spreading the concept of inner peace, mindfulness and meditation session in the second Pacific Island Country - Solomon Islands. The Pacific Regional Coordinator and Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer, Mr. Elvis Kumar was invited by the Division of Youth, Women and Sports of the Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands, to visit and conduct mindfulness and meditation sessions with a Youth Group, 2 Community High Schools and also conduct a Public Session.

Mrs. Janet Oge, the Women’s Officer and also a Peace Rebel+ from 1st Oceania Self-Discovery Camp took the lead in organizing the logistics for this Mini-PIPO tour. Mr. Kumar conducted a session with 24 young people (aged 21-36) on 1st of May at the Multipurpose Hall. He conducted mindfulness and stress management sessions that also included meditation in 2 schools, namely Koloale Community High School (600 students) and Mbokona Community High School (445 students), aged 13-21, on May 2nd and 3rd respectively. The final session of this Mini-PIPO tour was held at the Multipurpose Hall on 4th of May. This was a public session on stress management, mindfulness and meditation that gathered 44 people from various works of life.

“The responses from all the sessions have been overwhelming. From public session, a number of senior people also requested for more of similar sessions to be conducted all throughout the country as people needed to realize this amazing description of inner peace and meditation and its benefits,” said Mr. Kumar. In total this Mini-PIPO tour has covered 1113 citizens of the Solomon Islands.


Figure 1: Meditation with Japan-Pacific Alumni Association Youth Members of Solomon Islands Branch


Figure 2: Meditation and Mindfulness session at Koloale Community High School


Figure 3: Mindfulness session with students of Mbokona Community High School


Figure 4: Meditation and Stress Management session with public members of Honiara City, Solomon Islands

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