Anita Nuss

Moonfest In December

You may have seen the name Moonfest under the activities menu, but today I'd like to invite all rebels to join our weekly Moonfest Meditation sessions.
Some of the monks who you have met through the inner peace time videos will be here at our HQ to guide a meditation session which we broadcastlive through the peace revolution channel,(
Our Moonfest schedule for December 2010 is as follows,

Dreamy Moon(new moon)
December 6, 2010


Wakening Moon(first quarter)
December 14, 2010


Merry Moon(full moon)
December 21, 2010


Snoozy Moon(third quarter)
December 29, 2010

12:00:00 GMTOne of the features of Moonfest is a chatroom, which means you can chat to others peace rebels who join in the session as well as the teaching monk who leads the meditation. So, if you have had any questions about meditation, you can ask the experts! :-) The teaching monk will answer the question as part of the broadcast, you can also comment on the session, share some of your experiences, invite your friends and give us feedback...

Let us connect the world through peace,

Submitted on 4 Dec 2010 05:19