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Peace Revolution’s First Visit To Panama

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As part of the Central America Tour this February 2016, Peace Revolution visited the country of Panama for the first time and organized four open meditation workshops, inviting the people of Panama to get involved in this project by World Peace Initiative, and teaching them about the basics of meditation practice. Representing Peace Revolution, Peace Architect Marco Bermudez from Colombia hosted the 4 workshops during February 11-14. With the help of Enrique Peralta from Mexico (Project Coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean) and several local organizations such as: ‘Ciudad Del Saber’, ‘Fundación Entre Todos’, ‘Meditación Para Todos’, and ‘Transcendence Yoga Studio’,  this Central America Tour was a success.

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There was a significant level of attendance to the workshops which verified that the people in Panama City were very receptive to Peace Revolution’s proposal. The outcome was a total of 224 participants. Marco Bermudez did an amazing job as a meditation instructor and as a workshop host, and this was reflected in the positive feedback given by many participants, who even signed up to get more information of future meditation events to be hosted in Panama City. This visit to Panama allowed Peace Revolution to create valuable bonds with several of the local groups who are interested to support future Peace Revolution activities and projects. These local groups inspire and motivate the people of Panama to continue with the practice of meditation and develop a culture of inner peace, all of which contributes to the improvement of the Panamanian society and the people’s wellbeing.

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In conclusion we can say that it was a successful enterprise and a great experience for everyone who decided, and allowed themselves, to get involved. Let’s hope that this will be just the start of a long-lasting relationship and the opening of many more doors and opportunities for both the Panamanian citizens and Peace Revolution, working together to achieve a more peaceful world.

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