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Call For Partners: Bridge Fellowship [Bridge For Peace Between East And West]

Call for partners

Bridge Fellowship
“Bridge for Peace between East and West”

Georgia, 11th – 14th of March, 2016

What we promote?

We are pleased to announce that Peace Revolution, an international youth project of the World Peace Initiative organization, plans to hold a regional fellowship for young people from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, targeting the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The fellowship is expected to take place in March 2016 in Georgia.

Who we are

Peace Revolution project’s main goal is to reach sustainable world peace through a simple formula:

Inner Peace + Outer Peace = Sustainable World Peace.

The project offers

A free online 42 days self-development program with personal coaching for each participant on a daily basis.Annual fellowships in many regions worldwide, such as International fellowships in Thailand, European fellowships in Belgium, South East Europe Fellowships, MENA Fellowships, Latin American Fellowships, African Fellowships etc.Over 12,000 people worldwide have completed the online self-development program along with a total of more than 58,000 users. Furthermore, over 440 young people from 96 countries have graduated from fellowship organized by Peace Revolution worldwide.

What we will achieve

This is Peace Revolution’s second Bridge fellowship with the goal to introduce the idea of:

  • inner peace;
  • stress management;
  • non-violent communication;
  • balanced healthy lifestyle;
  • mindfulness.

The fellowship aims to promote a culture of peace, tolerance and conflict prevention through the means of meditation and self-development. It will include interactive activities, meditation and yoga sessions, lectures and discussions providing the participants with the skills for non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. Participants will have a chance to explore meditation as a practice which can cultivate skills to deal with challenges within peace-building and youth work.

At the moment we are looking for local partners from the above mentioned countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Our present partners around the globe are: “Peace and collaborative development network”, “European Commission”, “Council of Europe”, “AEGEE Europe”, “CIVICUS” and many others.The list of our worldwide partners can be found in our Peace Partner section.

The ones who are ready to tackle the challenge need to be decision makers and passionate about building peaceful actions, seeking and accepting changes, spreading and collecting peaceful events, and living a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this fellowship is to engage young open-minded leaders and support their growth as change-makers to effectively contribute to the region’s sustainable and inclusive development.

If you are a youth organization or NGO based in the region and interested in:

  • Making a partnership between Peace Revolution and your organization as co-organization of activities or be a main host of our visit to your country;
  • Learning about meditation and mindfulness and how it can help in your projects and activities;
  • Delegating people from your organization to participate in the fellowship and bring back new knowledge and experience;

Suggesting your own idea of possible cooperation, We would love to meet your organization and network with you. Please contact us with information about your organization, target audiences, geographical presence and outreach along with your website and other contact details.

Should you need more information about the fellowship, please do not hesitate to contact: Kateryna Gryniuk, the Bridge Fellowship Project Manager at kgrinyuk. If you also want to support the project in different ways, such as sponsorship or promotion, please do not hesitate to contact us as well.

Looking forward to making this world a better place together!

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Alibek Otambekov

I love SABAI because.... because nothing! :)

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Kantungeko Claver

Iam Burundian Of The Name Kantungeko Claver,so I D,like To ask Why What I Completed Last Week Don,t Come Now In Order To Continue ?Second,i See in More Image The White People Only,why Not The Black?Ok Thank U If Possible I D'like To Be Involved On The Fellowship.

Submitted on 5 Dec 2015 01:40 from Ariya App

Anastasija Stankeviciene

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