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Announcing The 2016 SEE Peace Fellowship, 1-3 April 2016, Greece


SEE Peace Fellowship
(South East European Peace Fellowship)

“Be the peace you are looking for”
Greece, 1-3 April, 2016


Have you achieved everything that you have been dreaming of? Have you felt like you wanted to change the world, but you do not know where to start? Have you felt like you want to change yourself, but you keep procrastinating the ‘better you'? Are you willing to be the change you want to see and to finally find peace within yourself and in your society?
If yes, congratulations, this opportunity is just for you.

The South East European region is unique in the way it aims to improve integration and competitiveness in an area which is as complex as it is diverse. A territory that has been conquered and separated many times, inhabited by a mix of cultures, religions, ethnicities and different languages, can now be a place of unity if we just shift our focus to the present moment. This region could serve as an example of better understanding and making the impossible possible by reuniting and overpassing all differences. It all depends on us.

The ones who are ready to tackle the challenge need to be decision makers and passionate about building peaceful actions, seeking and accepting changes, spreading and collecting peaceful events, and living a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this fellowship is to engage young open-minded leaders and support their growth as change-makers to effectively contribute to the region’s sustainable and inclusive development. The retreat will include interactive activities, meditation & yoga sessions, lectures and discussions providing the participants with new skills for non-violent resistance, peace education, enhanced creativity and stress-management. Participants will have a chance to explore meditation as a practice which can cultivate skills to deal with challenges within peace-building and youth work, which makes this course different from others.

Fellowship objectives
  • To empower young people, offering them the space to create ideas for implementation of activities and events in their own communities
  • To bring young leaders and activists from the SEE region together to exchange experiences and provide a foundation for future cooperation.
  • Strengthen an active network of young peace builders that aims to boost creativity and to support participant’s personal and professional development
  • To promote tools of non-violent communication and peace building that can be applied to all cultures, religions and professions
  • To provide the participants with the tools to inner peace and leadership skills through mindfulness, self-discipline and compassion that helps strengthen their activism and place them in meaningful work environment
  • To explore the idea that self-development and inner change as a core foundation of sustainable world change
  • To promote active citizenship among young people and enhance their sense of solidarity by sharing their visions to manifest tangible changes in their communities.


The retreat will include interactive activities, meditation sessions, yoga classes, lectures delivered by the teaching monk and discussions aiming at supporting the group to work for a common future for the region. Please note that the teaching monk is not a religious figure but one of the mentors. This is a religion-free event and we welcome people with any religious background or without it for participation.

The SEE Peace Fellowship covers:

  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Meditation sessions and lectures fee
  • Yoga Classes

The SEE Peace Fellowship DOES NOT Cover:

  • Local transportation within the country
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation: Partial support can be given to individuals given their strong statement of motivation

  • Nationals and residents of these countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Cyprus;
  • Age required between 20-32 years old at the time of submitting the application;
  • Completed the 21 days of the online self-development program;. Note that in order to submit the application form, candidates do not need to have completed the online self-development program.
  • Young leaders who are actively involved in peace activities or have passion to work in peace building and coexistence within the spheres of politics, society, culture and media;
  • Open-minded and positive young people who are searching for the right tools to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness in their daily lives
  • Good proficiency in written and spoken English;
  • Candidates should be fully self-supportive for the transportation to the venue.

Application Deadline - 30 November 2015, before 00.00 GMT (last date to apply online)

Eligibility Deadline - 25 December 2015, before 00.00GMT (last date to complete at least 21 days of the online Self-Development Program)

After completing 14 days of the online self-development program, the Peace Revolution selection committee will make an interview appointment based on your performance. You would still need to finish 21 days of the online self-development program in order to be qualified for the fellowship. There is no need to write a request for an interview. If you are qualified, we will contact you by ourselves.
Should you need more information about the fellowship, please do not hesitate to contact: Emilija Andonova, the project manager andonovaem. You may subscribe to our ‘Facebook Event’ or follow us on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates about our fellowship opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I am over 32, can I still apply for the fellowship?
  • Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship. We are looking for young peace activists interested in self-development, who want to learn how to develop their own inner peace in order to engage more effectively in their peace work. However to be eligible for the transportation support, candidates must be between 20-32 years old.

  • How do you select the participants?
  • The most important aspect of applying is to complete at least 21 days of the online self-development programme. We will try our best to select a varied group from as many countries as possible.

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