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Call For Volunteers In Latin America And The Caribbean

Peace Revolution is looking for Volunteers in Latin America and the Caribbean

Come Join Us!

In 2014-2015 Peace Revolution organized its first LA (Latin America) Tour visiting 16 countries around Latin America and the Caribbean: Dominica, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Grenada, Costa Rica, Honduras, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Ecuador and El Salvador. This was possible with the support of the wonderful local volunteers in these countries that helped us with organizing the sessions, networking with the media, and hosting as much as they could.

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This year we are about to start our second LA Tour visiting the missing countries we couldn’t visit last time and we are looking for proactive and kind volunteers in the region that would love to help us organize our visit.

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What does this Tour consists of?

  • Peace Revolution LA Tour is a sequence of visits to the missing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean where PR has yet to visit.
  • During the visit, our PR Meditation Trainers from LA will conduct series of meditation workshops linked to different topics such as creativity, stress management, life enrichment, etc.
  • The purpose of the visit is to introduce our project and meditation with the local people. If they are interested and want to continue meditating, they may choose to join our free online meditation program and apply to our fellowships implemented all over the world.
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We just want to share a simple tool for people to get closer with their own inner and unconditional peace and happiness. Meditation has worked for us and we believe it can work for you as well!

What do you need to apply?

You need to have an interest in meditation and believe that world peace starts with our own inner peace.

You can support us in volunteering by:

  • Organizing sessions at your work, place of study, yoga/sport center, or any other place that might be suitable for meditation.
  • Be in charge of the promotion in traditional media or social media.
  • Support us by helping with our accommodation, local transportation or food. We love to have a true local experience.
  • We are open to any other initiative you might have
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What are the benefits?

  • You will have the chance to participate in meditation workshops conducted by PR Meditation Trainers where you will be able to go deeper in your meditation practice.
  • You will share inner peace among your community and unconditional sharing is one of the best activities you can do for yourself and others.
  • After the visit of your country, you can keep developing yourself as a PR volunteer by supporting us in future activities in your country or in online ones.
  • You will get more chances to participate in our fellowships around the world.
  • Certificates will be given to all volunteers.
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How to apply?

Please fill this simple questionnaire …. and write an email to  enrique@peacerevolution2010.org

Volunteers Experiences:

Arifa Satnarine, Trinidad & Tobago

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“My university hosted a series of events related to meditation and yoga which the Peace Revolution team played major roles. Personally, I was very touched to actually be a part of group meditation and to exhale all the stresses of daily life. I could see the ease in tension and increased relaxation in persons who participated in the simple but effective workshop. I believe that meditation is the key to better lifestyles, better attitudes and generally a better world.”

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Safiya Lewis, Trinidad & Tobago

Meditating in the Hollows

The time spent simply sitting in unison with a variety of individuals who all came together for the sole purpose of learning about meditation was a beautiful experience. The general mood was peaceful and at ease. We sat in each other’s company, surrounded by nature, eager to learn and share.After the meditation session Gaby spoke about World Peace Initiative Foundation and Peace Revolution and then facilitated interaction between herself and all of the attendees, answering questions and providing information. 

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Bridgette B. Barrett, Jamaica

“A peaceful society is hinged on the peacefulness of its people and that is what both RADAR and Peace Revolution promotes. With inner peace then we can begin to transfer positive energy and have a more peaceful environment.”

Dr. Bridgette B. Barrett – Managing Director/Lead Consultant

RADAR – the Research Agency for Development and Repositioning

Emma Nazar, director of Yoga’s Garden, Honduras

“A proposal of peace in a troubled society is a real revolution. In our culture the term meditation has been until recently a taboo, the presence and activity generated by Peace Revolution in Tegucigalpa was a sign of the need for peace in the country; it is important to present viable alternatives for the general population to manage their lives, their physical and mental health in a moment of chaos.

An invitation was made and was very well received and welcomed by people of different ages, religions and interest. All they expressed satisfaction and wellness, gratitude and desire to have more opportunities and experiences such as these workshops.”

Tadd Henderson, Program Developer of the National Youth Council of Dominica:

“As meditation was something new for Dominica, it was rather intriguing to see that the public welcomed it the way they did. We at the National Youth Council are grateful for being part of this wonderful process and initiative.  A total of 126 people on the island participated in the tour and benefited from the meditation workshops. So it was a success and as a result of these workshops, the Visioneers Club of Bath Estate is now on the verge of starting a meditation group to continue the process. We at the National Youth Council and the Visioneers Club support the move of Peace Revolution as we shout…Peace in, Peace Out!!”

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Maureen St Claire, Harford Village, Grenade 

It was a deep honour to have Ilse and Raku from Peace Revolution come to our community and share with us ways to manage stress through guided meditation.  I believe many of us found a sense of peace within ourselves; a quietness; a feeling of ease to simply be present and still.  I believe many of us also felt a sense of peace within our community which is a rarity at the best of times.

At the end of the session one of the Elders shared that this was his first experience being internally quiet, being consciously still without being asleep or praying or sitting quiet in the shop. He said, “There was a real stillness I’ve not felt before within myself or within our community, a real feeling of peace.” 

Thank you Peaceful Revolution for creating that space, for introducing new ways of being in the world!   

How to apply?

Please fill this simple questionnaire http://goo.gl/forms/FW59jolJWa and write an email to enrique in subject write the word VOLUNTEER.

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