Mysoon Ahmed Omer

Peace For Those Who Lost It

while I'm writing this I can hear the air planes crossing the sky going to bomb some areas in Yemen, I have been in this country for the past 3 years trying to work with others to find lasting solution for poverty and suffering, trying to build peace through providing of humanitarian assistance, I walk every single day in the IDP's camps and I see the fear in everyone's eyes, I ask them about their major concern and they immediately answer (death)! either we die by airstrike or by hunger and diseases outbreak , that is the moment I kept thinking about the word (PEACE) which has been lost in this context, children doesn't know what peace mean as they have lost all the feeling of peace, they are living in a terrifying situation some lost their peers ,some saw others dying infront of their eyes I wonder how they are feeling I failed to put myself in their shoes, I have seen on BBC documentary how some children from the northern part of the country invented a game and sadly that game called (Air Strike) my heart melted with great sadness and I prayed for Peace to come but even if it come how many years will it take to erase all the dark images of death and suffering from people's mind? people need to find peace within and that is what I need for myself and for others I need to help those children through child friendly space to find inner peace and to hope for better future, i joint this class so that I be able to contribute on protecting others from all the destruction caused by human beings and spread peace.

I first joint this class back in 2011 and i couldn't complete it as soon after I joint I have been asked to join the humanitarian team in Yemen, I have got very busy since then, I have to come back and activate my account I need it the most as the stress is unbearable!! I needed to bring myself together and my organize my thoughts there has been many voices in my head, many bad images i have seen of dead people, sad faces, crying mothers, broken wife's and displaced children things that I need to erase from my mind and what is better that peace revolution we don't face violence by violence but by peace and here is the place and this is the time we need peace more than any other time...for peace today, tomorrow forever and for always. 

Submitted on 23 Sep 2015 15:48

Gabriela Velarde

Hi Mysoon,

Thank you for sharing this experience with us and for devoting 3 years of your life working in Humanitarian causes. It is not an easy job, it comes with a big mix of difficult emotions to deal with.

We might never know why some people has to live in these conditions, but it brings hope to know that there are also people like you that decide to do something and understand that a "lucky" place on earth is also a call to see other´s situation and do something.

It might be impossible to erase sad images from your mind, traumatic situations from the mind of children and people there, but surely there are ways to deal better with them, to find a space in time to empty your mind from these memories, to understand why these things happen, to forgive, to get stronger and so many other things that freedom of mind can achieve. I think you are in the right path for inner peace with meditation since, as you mentioned, this will help you to organize your thoughts and reduce stress, but mostly the inner peace that you will experience will automatically touch Yemenis around you as well.

We have been bringing meditation to diverse places with difficult situations as the ones you are facing. Again, it is not easy, air planes and bombs seem to automatically pull you from peace but still it was possible for people to experience an inner transformation.

We went to Afghanistan and worked with women that suffered strong physical abuse from their husbands. Some said that they could forgive what happened during meditation, at least only for a short moment, where their minds were free from anger. We also worked with kids and teenagers there and their eyes had a bright look after meditating even though the sounds of military air planes never seems to stop. In a Peruvian jail, some prisioners said they felt freedom for the first time during meditation. In a refugee place in Belgium, they could sleep withhout pills after meditating.

Thank you again for bringing inner peace for those who needed the most.


Submitted on 22 Oct 2015 02:42 from Ariya App