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How fascinating it is to be a part of the training of trainers!

During May 15th-23rd, a total of 30 active trainers in Europe gathered in Portugal to explore ways in which nature can be incorporated into work. The main focus was on working in connection with nature and adding some special effects to the trainer’s body, mind, heart, and spirit through nature based methods.

The seven-day course started with walking meditation. After performing the rite of passage at the top of the cliffs, we gradually started to define our objectives as professional part of this particular experience. Most of the afternoon was spent in the warm sun where we built the structure of the program. The participants can see it moving one step closer to owning it and having it tailored to our needs and expectations.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

The biggest blessings I felt were rediscovering stories and storytelling.

In a world polarized by the north (according to the four shields) where rationality and measurable productivity are praised, we need stories and rites of passage that mark phases of our lives, be it during the span of a single day or a lifetime.

Deliver in a way that is playful, fun, and has the clarity that the mind gets in meditation.

When you feel stuck, simply adjust your body. Breathe and change position. Everything will start to flow naturally.

Meditation starts with the body, feeling relaxed and comfortable. Then gradually shift focus to the inside, which is the mind. Observance and self-acceptance are keys that guide the mind towards stillness and inner peace. Simply breathe in, breathe out, and repeat. Be the hero in your own journey. Learn to trust people you had just met to guide you to discover the ground, trees, flowers, shrubs, smells and tastes that the earth offers.

Keep good principles in your trainer’s tool box:

Speak with Intention

Speak from the Heart

Listen from the Heart

Be spontaneous

Speak the essence

Follow the call for adventure 

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Photo: Cristina Ispas

“We often try to alter and control the circumstances of our lives and this makes it difficult to discover and authentic way of being. We want to improve things because we are blind to the beauty of the world as it is.” - Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche 

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