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New Video: Sustainable Peace Building In South East Europe

Peace Revolution and World Peace Initiative would like to proudly show our new video "Sustainable Peace Building in South East Europe"

South East European (SEE) region has an interesting history which is often used in a way that it is not good for everyone; a necessity for peace appears from real examples and history lessons learnt. An obstacle for peace in the region comes from a challenge to accept the differences and embrace similarities. It will lead to understanding that together we are much stronger that when separated, regardless what religious, cultural or political differences could be. Therefore, Peace Revolution organized the first SEE fellowship in Macedonia for the first time in March 2015 under the theme "Create Peaceful Future Together". There were 23 participants from the SEE region who came to discover how to be in peace with yourself and with others with the tool called "meditation".

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Now share with us what you think about the video. If you like it, please help spread the words as well!

Submitted on 19 Aug 2015 12:41