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Inner Peace Time In Slovenia

"If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere. So first find peace within you and you will see peace reflected elsewhere. You are this peace. You are happiness." - Papaji

There is unity in diversity in Slovenia, a beautiful country in South Central Europe inhabited by more than 2 million people.

In May, Peace Architect Manuela Puscas organized a series of events focusing on exploring the ways in which the practice of meditation and mindfulness can enrich a person’s life. Six workshops were organized in partnership with local organizations and with the support of Slovene Peace Rebels.

Hosts and partners:

  • Slovene University Women, an NGO that supports women empowerment and has distinguished members, academia, women from the diaspora, etc. 
  • Slovenska Filantropija, an NGO which works for and with asylum seekers and migrants in Slovenia
  • Alexander Jacopic, a local journalist who helped organize a session at a center for elderly people
  • Slovene Mindfulness Association hosted a session at an exquisite place, The Library of Things
  • Peace Rebel Viktorija made the session possible at Oton Zupancic Library which is located in the center of the capital
  • Mateja Milnaric from KulKura organization in Kamnik invited Peace Revolution under the arcades of an 18th century castle to meditate on the link between mindfulness, creativity, and how it can boost one’s potential.

Below are some of the things we focused on and that are relevant and of interest for both organizing and attending the workshops and meditation sessions:

  • Nonviolent communication and the link with mindfulness and meditation session (Marshal Rosenberg approach)
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Tips for balanced and harmonious life
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and stress management
  • Meditation, creativity, and time management

Slovenia is a country of great natural beauty with increased interest in meditation. The audiences, are divided into groups such as people who have been meditating for 20 years or more, youth initiated in various methods, and newly beginners. All were welcomed and the meditation experience was well received.

Below are feedbacks from some of the people who decided to share their meditation experience:

“I feel fantastic, I feel optimistic, my mind has cleared and I feel happy.”

“When I meditate I can see the future, I see people dying, what does it mean?”

“Sometimes I have great difficulty in bringing myself back. Even now I had a hard time coming back to here, is this good or bad?”

If you are interested in meditation, you are welcomed to join us for the next time we organize a session in your city.

Peace Revolution in Kamnik with KulKura

With Slovene University Women, Ljubljana

Meditation in Siska, near Ljubljana