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Volunteering At Peace Revolution: Harmony Between Work, Personal Development, And Social And Cultural Aspects Of Daily Life

Volunteering can be a pretty good short-time job and I think it should be experienced by everyone. You volunteer because you want to do it. You don't feel constraint by other things. You enjoy volunteering because you like it. I don’t think there can be a greater pleasure than doing the things you like.Being a volunteer at Peace Revolution has helped me to work in an environment with many self-developed individuals. At the same time, I found the harmony between work, personal development, and social and cultural aspects of daily life.

In this environment I was feeling somehow useful, that I am contributing to "something." I enjoyed the self-development programs and fellowships that I was a part of in this project.Aside from coaching, this volunteer program offered me the opportunity to get involved and to work in the field that I like, graphic designs.In addition to that, the program created a perfect atmosphere where I was able to find more time for inner peace practice and self-development. It also offered me the opportunity to explore a new country, a new culture, new people, and new experiences.At Peace Revolution, I was able to find a proper balance between work, personal inner time, and other daily activities. Maintaining this balance was something that I was able to do before, but only for a little while. Now, I can find the balance much easier and maintain it at all times.

These are some of my thoughts and experiences that I would like to share since I started meditating:

“Sometimes you’re happy. Sometimes you’re sad. Sometimes you feel lonely and try to get attached to everything that comes around you. You’re afraid of being alone with your thoughts. But this moment of "being alone", will come anyway or anyhow, sooner or later, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. And you have to face it eventually. But you are still afraid of something, and you keep on pushing it away. Far away. You try to get involved and end up getting lost in all sorts of things that you think will bring you far away from the looseness with yourself. You even believe that all those things will bring you joy and happiness.

Oh, but how wrong we can be sometimes!

"A thing", "that thing" that you wanted so much. You have it. And then what? Usually it takes time before you’re bored of it and will want something else. You continue on this path. You draw circles around yourself and get lost in these circles. And you realize that you are still running away from that moment within yourself...Give yourself some time to find the courage. The time will come when you are sick of running in those circles. You have already "tried" that for a couple of times. Now try something else.

Try to let go of everything and be honest with yourself. Try to observe yourself as you are without nothing else, just pure emptiness. In the beginning you might be scared of the amount of thoughts and questions that you have. You might even be scared of your past and actions. Just simply accept them and do not turn around. This is how you are, what you are. And once you have the courage to accept your sadness and other negativities, these feelings will turn into emptiness and stillness. And from here is where your beautiful journey in life begins. From here, happiness arises. Sometimes you can feel it.

Submitted on 4 May 2015 07:40