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Mindfulness And Meditation Workshops In Budapest, Hungary

In February 2015, Peace Architect Manuela Puscas of Peace Revolution travelled to beautiful Budapest for the first time. Over 120 people of amazing diversity attended the mindfulness and meditation workshops ranging from students, university professors, hypnosis and Gestalt therapists, yoga instructors, economists, social workers and local NGO members.

The workshops were organized in partnership with:

FDE (Federation for Higher Education- Felsőoktatási Diákszervezetek Egyesület), Central European University, Slow Budapestand hosted by H13 Incubator, CEU’s regular meditation group, Móricz Zsigmond Gimnázium and Magnet Haz Budapest.

The focus was on creating an open space to discuss and learn about mindfulness and practice meditation.

The topics of interest were:

    ★ Introduction to meditation, how it helps with learning and focusing attention
    ★ Time/ stress management and the connection with productivity and multitasking
    ★ Self development and exploring one’s potential and creativity
    ★ Slowing down, mindfulness, and meditation as keys to happiness and freedom

For many people, this was their first meditation practice and they were very opened to share their experience. The participants and Manuela later discussed what they hope to learn and gain from practicing mindfulness in terms of obstacles and awakening, life enriching experiences.

After the meditation session, many people said they felt relaxed and happy.

Peter :"Thank you for the session, it was just great. I still run with the energy I gained. See you all on Thursday!"

Bogyó: "Thank you! it was a great evening" :)
“ It was the first time I meditated, I liked it a lot, it was very good and I will try again.”

We can emerge ourselves in calmness and softness right where we are without the need to pull ourselves from the world.

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Bhaskar Salve

great efforts Manuela. congratulations.

Submitted on 7 Mar 2015 20:44 from Ariya App

Cristina Matei

Congrats Manu! ^^ Very beautiful!

Submitted on 17 Mar 2015 06:20 from Ariya App

Dóra Preszeller

So happy you made it <3

Submitted on 27 Mar 2015 15:16 from Ariya App

Nikolett Sztakhó

Congratulations Manuela! I am so happy that I could be a part of it! :)

Submitted on 1 Apr 2015 00:58 from Ariya App