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A Peaceful Garden

A Peaceful Garden

By Ilse Marel

Some flowers take a couple of days to sprout, others can take months or even years. One thing is sure though, sooner or later they all bloom.

Mexico is facing a time of political restlessness and inconformity. There is violence going on in the streets. People are protesting and demanding that their rights are heard and respected. We’re at the brink of having a revolution. While I’m not happy with our politicians, I don’t believe that violence and aggressiveness are the best solutions.

All problems can be solved in a peaceful way. To prove it, I have organized a different type of revolution in my country… a peaceful one.

It started on November 4th in Cancún, when monk Pasura Dantamano visited Universidad del Caribe and Tec Milenio, two important universities in the city. He shared wisdom and a moment of meditation with enthusiastic students who wanted to learn how to handle stress, be more creative, and let go of anger.

Ilse Marel and Fernanda Casarín, Peace Agents in Cancun
Universidad del Caribe, Cancun

He then had a meeting with employees of a company called “Mayan Sales”. At first they were skeptical, but after learning how meditation could help them reach goals and infuse life with passion, they were excited to learn more.

Next stop: Cuernavaca, a tiny colonial city known as the Eternal Spring because of its perfect weather all year round. High school students had the opportunity to experience the peace and happiness that can only come when the mind is still.

Mayan Sales Employees
High School Students at Tec Milenio Cuernavaca

Then we went to Puebla, where we visited San Ángel and Simón Bolívar schools, Tec Milenio University, Nuad Holistic Center and InYoga Studio. Young kids, teenagers, university students and spiritual seekers had the opportunity to find a different perspective of life and find solutions to their problems.

InYoga Studio

On November 14-17 we have a national holiday that commemorates 200 years of revolution and 100 years of independence.

This was the best time to have a meditation retreat! 20 people travelled to Atlixco, Puebla. They were secluded in a dream-like ranch where only the sound of the birds and the wind could be heard. It was the perfect environment to disconnect from the world and start looking within. During these 4 days, participants discovered how to find happiness and reconnect with their true self.

Last but certainly not least, we visited Tec Milenio campus Mexico city.

Retreat participants
Tec Milenio campus Mexico city

16 days. 5 cities. 16 meditation workshops. 1 retreat. 30 hrs. of peace.

Big things happen one small step at a time.

I haven’t gone out to the streets to protest against the government because I believe that if we truly want to change the world, we need to start from ourselves.

With the help of Peace Agents Fernanda Casarín, Mariam Vera, Ericka Carmona, Israel Cabrera, Shalom Snow, Peace Architects Marcela Mata and Lorena Gutiérrez, local volunteers, the Peace Revolution crew and the monk Pasura Dantamano, we watered the minds of 1550 people with inner peace. One day, they will all bloom and become beautiful flowers. Little by little they will bring about the change my country is aching for.