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Fellowship Winners: MENA SALAM II

The Peace Revolution Selection Committee would like to proudly announce the winners of the 2015 MENA Salam Fellowship in Turkey. Congratulations to all the winners. 

Naila Mohammed Bamehriz


Arwa Ahmed Al-Awadhi


Batoul El Hakim


Kholoud Alajarma

Palestinian Territory

Ayd Mahdy Asraf


Noha Gamal Eldin Mohamed Abdelsalam Sharaky


Afsaneh Seifinaji


Nourhan Nehady Moussa


Saideh Ahmadloo

Hungary / Iran

Amro Abdel Rahim Ashour

Palestinian Territory

Marouane Mohammed Bakit


Hassan Nasser


Nesrine Baccara


Marwan Adnan Badwan


Abdellah Iraamane


Saleh Mohamed Alderazi


Souad Larras


Ahmed Abdelsattar Abdraboh


Ghufran Abdulhameed Al-Mansob


Louay Benaabdelaali


Fares Hached


Rabih Eltair

United Arab Emirates

Sara Elwaleed Abdelaziz

Sudan, Republic of the

Aya Jehad Al Ajjouri

Palestinian Territory

Maha Mohamed Bouhchouch


Marouane Mhadhbi


Yazan Al Alami


Majda Allal

France / Algeria

Mohamed Hussain Awad Ali

Sudan, Republic of the

Kawtar Chamama


Alya Awadh Hashem


Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 14:30

Koranathip Sukrangsan


Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 14:36 from Ariya App

Afsaneh Seifinaji

Oh my God! this is a great news. congratulations every one :)

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 16:34 from Ariya App

Ghufran Al-mansob

Such a wonderful and one of a kind opportunity to get , learn , meet you all..

congratulations! PIPO

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 16:44 from Ariya App

Shaima Alqadasi

Congrats all of u....

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 17:17 from Ariya App

Souad Larras

Congrats peace rebels !! well done =)

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 20:11 from Ariya App

Abdellah Iraamane

Looking forward to meeting all of you, well done and congratulations everyone :D time for a new adventure to learn and inspire

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 20:56 from Ariya App

Kawtar Chamama

We made it peace rebels , congrats everyone ! :D

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 21:43 from Ariya App

Shahbaz Yousaf

Congratulations Every one!! wish you best of Luck!! Have a nice Journey.

Submitted on 12 Jan 2015 23:08 from Ariya App

Marouane Mhadhbi

yessssssssss :) we made it ! congrats everyone and see you all in March :)) Greetings from Tunisia !

Submitted on 13 Jan 2015 01:15 from Ariya App

Ayd Asraf

Congratulations Peace Rebels! Cannot wait to meet ya all :D

Peace and Love till I see all of you insha'allah, Ayd

Submitted on 13 Jan 2015 11:10 from Ariya App

Wajid Ali

congratulation all of u

Submitted on 13 Jan 2015 17:15 from Ariya App

Majda Allal

Congratulation peace rebels.. I am happy for u all <3 PIPO

Submitted on 13 Jan 2015 20:44 from Ariya App

Mohamed Ali

Grateful, excited and super happy! Thank you and I can't wait to meet all of you LEADERS and PEACE MAKERS. Peace <3

Submitted on 14 Jan 2015 01:51 from Ariya App

Dulce Peralta

So much love, light & overall PEACE in your direction! Congratulations to each and every one of you; so happy for & proud of you all!! :)

Submitted on 14 Jan 2015 09:52 from Ariya App

Marwan Badwan

Looking forward for this (Y)

Submitted on 15 Jan 2015 23:44 from Ariya App

Atenyi Solony

Congrats all of you and welcome to the peaceful family. Together we can make this world a peaceful place .

Submitted on 17 Jan 2015 20:48 from Ariya App

Nourhan Moussa

OOOH peace rebels congts to all of us , looking forward to see you ;)

Submitted on 21 Jan 2015 17:08 from Ariya App

Aydan Sultanli

Congrulations :)

Submitted on 28 Jan 2015 21:53 from Ariya App

Frankline Nadembega


Submitted on 31 Jan 2015 02:56 from Ariya App

Berta Prasetya

congratulation to you all.. Spread the blessings! :)

Submitted on 3 Feb 2015 14:33 from Ariya App

Pablo Colangelo

Congratulations! Have a wonderful time together Peace in peace Out :-)

Submitted on 3 Feb 2015 20:41 from Ariya App

Pablo Colangelo

Congratulations! Have a wonderful time together Peace in peace Out :-)

Submitted on 3 Feb 2015 20:42 from Ariya App

Mohammad Sabawon

Wish you all best of luck

Submitted on 11 Feb 2015 15:20 from Ariya App

Karamo Jarju


Submitted on 13 Feb 2015 13:25 from Ariya App

Sukhwinder Brar

Congratulations ____________ peace Lovers

Submitted on 17 Feb 2015 20:19 from Ariya App