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The 2014 Peace On Demand In Spain

Here, at Peace Revolution, one of our focuses is to work towards mainstreaming the idea that peace is a holistic process, one that is not only about solving external conflicts or reducing external violence, but also about looking inside ourselves and developing, as individuals, a harmony and balance that can empower us to live a life of wellbeing, of mental and physical strength, and happiness. Can you imagine what a world filled with happy, balanced, peaceful individuals would look like?

Thus, we were extremely happy at the invitation of being part of an innovative project – between 19-24th of November, a Peace Revolution team travelled to Spain for a unique project, to deliver several workshops on inner peace, as well as a weekend retreat.

This initiative came at the proposal of Jose Ignacio Martin Galan, Coordinator of the Special Unit for Media, Peace Intervention in Conflict and Support to the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) at James I University in Castellon, Spain. The aim was to invite young peace builders, peace educators, and the people that work with the notion of ‘peace’ most to explore the inner peace dimension. As a complement to the academic perspective and understanding of peace, the students of the MA program in Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies at James I University got to explore several workshops and had an opportunity to join a 3-day inner peace retreat. We have spent some beautiful days together with the young students on the premises of Asociacion Sirio, having extensive talks on the subject of inner peace, but mainly, learning by doing, through inner peace time and other special activities.

In addition, other workshops were organized at a local high school as well as two workshops especially for Psychology students at the University. Psychologists, together with peace builders, represent professional categories that have a high interest in the practice of mindfulness. They can better themselves, both personally and professionally, from integrating inner peace into their lives. Second, they can easily apply it in their work for better results. Thus, peace builders and psychologists can truly generate a butterfly effect through their work. We are very happy to have been able to share the inner peace perspective with them and to have had such a wonderful time together in Spain!

Submitted on 8 Jan 2015 16:33