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At some point in life many of us encounter existential questions. We rush, trying to find the answers right away. We can search for it in books, in advices, in money, work or parties. We fight to get these answers and become angry, unhappy, and lost. Sometimes we give up and go with the flow, like a hamster that continuously runs in its wheel. But the truth is, that the answers come whenever we stop seeking for them; when we calm down and look at ourselves from aside. The answers are here. Thanks to the initiative of PIPO, a small Lithuanian community in Panevezys town with less than 100,000 inhabitants had a chance to stop and look for the answers within.


As well as You, I want to be happy and be surrounded by happy people. This goal brought up the idea of PIPO. I am a believer in the utopist idea of peace and justice in the world, the good nature of every person and true happiness. Many students, philosophers, and neighbors claim the world as a dark place. Seeing people finding happiness in money, parties, and other material things, I started doubting myself. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe material things can really bring happiness. Law studies made the doubts even deeper. The justice system is aimed at solving the consequences, but not the causes. Its purpose is to solve the conflicts but not to heal the causes of conflicts. So, if law systems aims to deny the inner causes of conflicts, then maybe I am wrong? The search for answers allowed me to experience so many things: to meet many different people, to become part of different communities, to realize that poor Dominican Republic communities are often happier than the wealthy Long Island ones, to realize that my neighbors living in a tiny house are happier than the ones living in a fancy house who have no time to use their other two houses. Finally, the search leaded me towards the Peace Revolution Project! It seemed that their ideas are my ideas. Yes, inner peace and outer peace are not utopia at all. After joining Peace Revolution self-development program and participating in a retreat in Thailand, the answers came - that's it! It was the confirmation I was looking for – that sustainable happiness exists not just in fairy tales - we just need to open our eyes and be ourselves.

The outer conflicts, whether interpersonal or international, will exist until people can solve their inner conflicts. Peace Revolution self-development program and meditation retreat in the retreat paradise helped in the realization that inner peace and happiness come whenever you are true to yourself. I am inspired to share the idea with my community.


The PIPO project started during the retreat in Thailand. Being there in the retreat paradise, the mind becomes so pure that great ideas come - that PIPO will happen on the 10th of October, 2014. This day is known as the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. It is the day devoted for people who cannot be cured and for people who are facing the situation of death. Working for some years in the sphere of Palliative Care, I had the opportunity to communicate with people who are at the end of their life. They questioned their happiness and later realized that it was within them all the time. But why do we need to face death in order to understand this? “We cannot add years to our lives. But we can add life to the years.” This was a pronounced day for PIPO – to remind people what happiness is and where to find it. It was also the day when 320 seekers of happiness gathered together in Panevezys Musical Theater to listen to the wisdoms of teaching Monk LP John and to get the insight on meditation. It was a bit worrying to introduce such a new thing to a big audience. But there was no reason to doubt – people left with little smiles on their faces.


In coalition with the Center of Integrated Health Services, organized by my dear mother Raimonda Ulianskiene, we started promoting the event a month before. To our wonder - strangers began calling and asking for additional seats. There was a demand to organize additional sessions. Surprisingly, there were more people registered than the number of seats available. It appears that many of us are looking for sustainable happiness and have not yet been exposed to it.

Three additional sessions in the premises of Center of Integrated Health Services were organized successfully. More than 80% of the registered participants showed up. Some of them were so inspired and attended all the sessions. The impact was significant. The teaching Monk was asked to give an interview by the biggest local newspapers. The reporter wrote: “Thank you. All of you charmed me with some magical peaceful energy.”


Every one of us wants to live happily ever after. Like in a fairy tale. So let’s do it! Thanks to Peace Revolution and the PIPO tours, the seed of Inner Peace was planted in Panevezys, Lithuania. People around me seems happier. The people at the office, the volunteers, those girls who had a chance to meet the Monk, the lady passing me in the street, and everyone who attended PIPO appear to be filled with joy. Some of them started the meditation; others started questioning themselves. Each and every one of them can now plant the seed of peace and happiness, which they can start watering at any time. And suddenly it will bloom.

I choose to water my seed of happiness and to spread the idea around me. What about you?

After the PIPO, more and more seeds will grow in Panevezys community.

Thank you, Peace Revolution.

Submitted on 6 Jan 2015 17:45

Berta Prasetya

Congratulation! May the seed of peace grow and grow even bigger... Thank you for the sharing!

Submitted on 15 Feb 2015 22:41 from Ariya App