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Ecuador: The Missing Country

Ecuador: The Missing Country

In South America, Peace Revolution has brought peace offices to the Andean Community: Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

But there was still one missing country: Ecuador.

Now, we will see how one seed can bring peace to 7 Ecuador areas during 8 days for 187 people.

Peace rebel Gabriela Torres was a student at pilotcasa in Lima, Peru. She participated in the Level 1 and Level 2 courses of Peace Revolution Perú with Luang P John in 2013. Now, we can see the flower of peace that is flourishing deep inside of her.

In 2014 she became a yoga teacher and moved to Loja, Ecuador, a quiet place where she finds inner peace and tranquility. But yoga was not enough for her. She wanted to bring more peace to the community that has welcomed her so warmly.

One day, she organized a Peace Revolution meditation workshop in the yoga studio where she works.
The experience was great and people were very enthusiastic to learn more about meditation. Gabriella, however, did not stop there.

She organized MINI PIPO Ecuador, a meditation tour guided by a Peace Architect through Guayaquil, Samborondon, Loja, Vilcabamba, Quito, Cumbaya, and Esmeralda during the course of 8 days.

The results of the new peace revolution in Ecuador are truly amazing: 11 sessions in 8 days.

Chi and Jivamukti in Guayaquil:

Ananda Yoga in Sanborondon:

Asana Yoga, Banco del Tiempo y Ahimsa in Loja:

Izhcayluma in Vilcabamba:

Shantaya and Renacer in Quito:

Participation in famous International Ecuador Yoga Festival 2014:

Gabriela is just one example among many other rebels and agents of Peace Revolution spreading peace around the world. She is a vivid example of how the change starts within oneself. For her, the change happened during the participation in Luang P John´s course. And now she is transmitting this change to help others in Ecuador to find inner peace.

Because of her, the people in Ecuador know about our self-development program and want to take part in the online session. They also want to join our fellowships to become peace agents who will create the change in their community. And lastly, they welcome Luang P. John to visit the country next year.

Ecuador, the missing country, is now found. Everything is complete. The whole Andean Community is part of our Revolution.

Peace Revolution continues to spread seeds of peace and joy all around the globe, knowing that in the future these seeds will blossom and peace will embrace the whole world.

Peace In, Peace Out!

Submitted on 30 Dec 2014 08:52