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Mini PIPO In Botswana

Botswana, one of the many countries in Africa that does not have any peace agents, held its first Mini PIPO on 16-21st October, 2014. The objectives of this MINI PIPO were to introduce the Peace Revolution project to Botswana and other neighboring Southern African Countries, enact partnerships with organizations and individuals to enhance PR activities in the southern Africa region, and to establish contacts for the upcoming East & Southern African Fellowship in Gaborone Jan 2015.

Being one of the smallest populated countries in Africa with 3 million, and a high education index of 88.1% the people are very open to new ideas. However, the population is very critical of any new aspect that they perceive to have a connection to religion and faith, such as meditation. The major language is Setwana and English. The major religion is Christianity with a few Muslims.After a variety of communications and a lot of planning, the following sessions were confirmed and were successful

  • Two sessions at the University of Botswana with YALDA (Young African Leaders Development Agency): an hour of meditation at noon and another hour in the evening.
  • - After the event, members of YALDA and other locals became peace rebels.
  • A session at Sky Blue Dance Hub
  • - We now have contacts and connections with Tumisang Brathaaswa, the CEO of the Sky Blue Dance Hub who will help us negotiate for the fellowship in January.
  • A session at the Lutheran Church
  • - We received an invitation to hold a session at this local church. This was a great achievement as it was initially not in our plans.
  • A session at Maru-a-Pula Secondary Schoolul
  • An introduction of Peace Revolution at a Ugandan Embassy dinner (attended by various embassies and international audience) with two and a half hours of meditation and networking

This mini PIPO was a success reaching a total of 187 people in 5 sessions. Although this was Peace Revolution’s first experience in Botswana, the reception was good and we expect to have many Peace Agents from this region very soon. This operation was also a gateway to many other Southern African countries that are not yet covered by Peace Revolution.

Submitted on 17 Dec 2014 15:40

Molinge Nyoki

Great job Dennis for sowing the seeds of inner peace in Botswana.We hope the youths be inspired to become peace agents for their country and the Southern African Region.

Submitted on 19 Dec 2014 04:14 from Ariya App

Imani Shagwa

Hi. it would be nice to bring this back, in 2016.

any way we can do that? i'm willing to help.

Submitted on 1 Mar 2016 17:21 from Ariya App