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Call For Partners - Peace Revolution In Latin America And The Caribbean

Call for Partners - Peace Revolution in Latin America and the Caribbean 

Peace Revolution project, which belongs to the international NGO World Peace Initiative Foundation, is currently receiving proposals for developing partnerships in  Latin America and the Caribbean.

Peace Revolution project, founded in 2008, promotes a culture of peace through the practice of meditation using three main lines of work:

(1) An online free self development program (SDP) where already more than 30 000 people from 211 countries have learned our meditation technique;

(2) Organization of regional and international fellowships for all ages where participants learn about inner peace, conflict transformation and non violent communication using meditation as the main tool. More than 300 people from 86 countries has already joined our fellowships;

(3) Visiting different countries all over the world conducting meditation workshops guided by our Teaching Monks or our certified meditation trainers. Already 26 countries around the world have been visited.

In Latin America and the Caribbean more than 7500 people are learning meditation through our free online SDP, we have already visited 10 countries developing our meditation workshops and organized a regional fellowship for 30 participants of the region.

Next year we are organizing 3 regional fellowships and visiting more than 20 countries around the American continent.

We currently open our call for partners in the region which means that:

  • If you are an organization located in Latin America or the Caribbean;
  • You want to learn about meditation and introduce this practice in your projects or activities;
  • You want personnel from your organization to participate in our fellowships to be empowered with meditation knowledge;
  • You want to develop diverse types of cooperation between Peace Revolution and your organization as co-organization of activities or main host of our visit to your country;

We would love to meet your organization and network with you!

If you also want to collaborate with us in different ways as sponsorship or promotion, do not hesitate to contact us as well.

Please, write to the regional project coordinator:

Gaby Velarde

Email: gaby@peacerevolution.net

Submitted on 12 Dec 2014 14:31