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Call For Partners – SEE (South Eastern European) Peace Fellowship

Call For Partners – SEE (South Eastern European) Peace Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that Peace Revolution, an international youth project of the World Peace Initiative organization, plans to held a regional fellowship for young people from South European region targeting the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey . The fellowship is expected to take place in the last week of March 2015.

Peace Revolution project’s main goal is to reach sustainable world peace through a simple formula: Inner Peace + Outer Peace = Sustainable World Peace. The project offers:

Over 12,000 people worldwide have completed the online self-development program along with a total of more than 30,000 users. Furthermore, over 330 young people from 88 countries have graduated from fellowship organized by Peace Revolution worldwide.

This is Peace Revolution’s first fellowship for Eastern European countries with the goal to introduce the idea of:

  • inner peace;
  • stress management;
  • non-violent communication;
  • balanced healthy lifestyle;
  • mindfulness;
through a number workshops that involve lectures and meditations as a practical tool to achieve inner peace and better self control. We expect to give this training to all people interested in these topics, especially to young people who want to learn how mindfulness, balance and inner peace can help them in their future career and contribute to a better society.

At the moment we are looking for local partners from South Eastern European region that covers countries eligible for the fellowship. Out present partners around the globe are: “Peace and collaborative development network”, “European Commission”, “Council of Europe”, “AEGEE Europe”, “CIVICUS” and many others.The list of our worldwide partners you can find by following the link: bit.ly/1cjeSx7.

If you are a youth organization or NGO based in the region and interested in:

  • making a partnership between Peace Revolution and your organization as co-organization of activities or main host of our visit to your country;
  • learning about meditation and mindfulness and how it can help in your projects and activities;
  • delegating people from your organization to participate in the fellowship and bring back new knowledge and experience;suggesting your own idea of possible cooperation;

we would love to meet your organization and network with you! Please contact us with information about your organization, target audiences, geographical presence and outreach along with your website and other contact details.

Should you have any query please feel free to contact our fellowship manager Anna Oleshkevych at [email protected]

If you also want to collaborate in different ways as sponsorship or promotion, do not hesitate to contact us as well!

Looking forward to making this world a better place together!


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