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Interview Of Peace Architect Ekaterina Kovina - GSA In Saint-pertersburg

GSA, a young team, focus on free or budget educational opportunities for Russian-speaking individuals. They are based in Saint-Petersburg working with Russian-speaking consultants all around the world. The following is an interview given by a GSA member on training and working in Thailand:

The first time I saw the announcement about the training on self-development in Thailand, I registered on the Peace Revolution website without any hesitation. I still could not believe that this is possible – you are paid for accommodation, meals, and partly airfare and all you have to do is to meditate and improve the relationship with yourself.

To take part in the training, you need to register on the Peace Revolution website. The next step is to click on the online self-development program. There, you can begin the meditation session which is guided by an online video of a teacher monk. After that, the most interesting thing happens – you are invited to join a seminar on the magical Koh Yoa Noi Island in Thailand. I participated in the Global Peace on the Move X where there were 28 of young activists from around the world.

The concept of Peace Revolution is simple: Peace In + Out = Sustainable World Peace. Through the transformation of every individual, we make changes in the world. Self-development is the foundation for any external changes. Therefore, the central topics of the training were internal harmony and practical methods of stress management. And meditation is the essential ingredient in the process of inner transformation. 

It was very busy during the two weeks of training. For 14 days, we would wake up at 5:00 A.M., do yoga, participate in several sessions of meditation, and listen to lectures. To ensure that we would have good meditation experiences, the instructors taught us various techniques of concentration to calm the mind. The organizers were very professional and paid special attention to the methods of peace-building, which can be applied to all cultures, religions, and professions.

I did not encounter any difficulties during the two weeks of training. Thai people are very hospitable and polite. They have created the perfect conditions for us to be able to focus on self-improvement.

Participation in the Peace Revolution project changed my quality of life once and for all. This includes personal relationships, health, and efficiency in the work. Through the practice of meditation, I realized that unconditional happiness is the internal state, which depends only on us. Meditation is a whole journey, from which you will never be able to return the same. My advice for everyone is to follow your dream and stop doubting. The road to the goal will be made, the main thing is to GO. Indeed our happiness depends on us.

After the training, I joined the Peace Revolution international team. At the present moment I am the manager of the Russian Speaking Fellowship project. In May 2015, we will organize a training of meditation and self-development in Georgia. The goal of the seminar is to spread the culture of harmony, peace education, and conflict prevention through meditation. 

We cooperate with different international youth organizations and organize theoretical and practical workshops worldwide. Recently, we have organized an online session with an instructor from Thailand in the Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg. In April 2015, Peace Revolution will visit Russia (for the first time) to introduce meditation as a simple technique that can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, race, religion, and education.

WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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