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The 5th European Fellowship In 2014

Lede , Belgium 21-27th September 2014

 “Just let go. The less we want the more we get.”

“Once you dream the inner dream you’ll never dream again.”

The Peace Revolution 5th European Fellowship is a 7-day meditation retreat for European youth that took place in Lede, Belgium at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Benelux.

Between 21-27th September, 32 young people from 17 European countries gathered together to explore their potential, cultivate loving kindness, and share compassion through the practice of inner peace.

During the fellowship, Peace Revolution Europe team created the space to promote tools of non-violent communication, to explore the idea that self-development is a core foundation of real change and of helping others, in dealing with conflicts, in finding balance and wellbeing for both body and mind. 

The participants had the opportunity to build on their self-development program progress and meditation experience, interact with the teaching monks and ask for advice as well as share ideas and ways to develop partnerships to include inner peace and mindfulness in their professional lives.

With the event coming to an end the participants shared words of wisdom and inspiration:

“The program has helped me to ban negative experiences from my life”

Lia, Greece

“Here I discovered in the past few days how to go my own way.”

Thibaud, Belgium)

“It’s naive to think that meditation can stop a war. But we are convinced that conflicts can be prevented when people pursue their own inner peace first.”

Natalia, Ukraine)

“I saw how a positive thought looks and feels like, so I realized the difference on being negative. Keep faith in you!”

A message from the Peace Wall by an anonymous Peace Rebel

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