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The International Day Of Peace Partnerships Kenya

The International Day of Peace Partnerships Kenya

On 21st September, as a way to mark the International Day of Peace, Peace Revolution gathered various organizations across the East, West and Southern African Regions to form the African Peace Partnership Network.

The African Peace Partnership Network acknowledges that various organizations play a key role in enhancing a peaceful culture within Africa and beyond. Therefore, 15 organizations pledged to be part of the Mini PIPO schedule within African countries.

Bringing together over 530 participants, the sessions were quite unique in that inner peace was linked to outer peace to create sustainability. The Amani Africa Group introduced the event by engaging the participants on peace building activities that enabled them to release their stress and emotions.

The group surprised the entire team with a yoga dance where participants breathed in while moving their body rhythmically. They would chant the “OM” and release their emotions. This practice left everyone laughing and feeling very joyful.

After feeling much at ease and alive, they had a cooling session on redefining moral leadership starting with the self. Dr. Aketch of the Global Peace Foundation challenged everyone to take action to make themself better before taking on the journey to help other people. This talk was buttressed by a starling performance by Linnet, a young girl, daughter to the GPF Director, in the audience on
“I am the Light of the world”

The participants easily connected that peace is a necessity that definitely starts with the self. Mr. Machua of Change Mind Change Future was quick to note in his short powerful presentation that a change of the mindset of many Africans will definitely lead to a change in the future of Africa.

Molinge Nyoki

Great Job Dennis.I always trust your creativity and initiatives

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