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In Search For The Truth

Interestingly people are almost all the same with one thing in common that is we all search for self-satisfaction. Some tries to search for it from reading books about self-development or watching inspirational videos to understand themselves more. To fulfill a need to answer the toughest questions like what is our purpose in life. What many people tries to look for was finally discovered by one of the few. A unique little girl from Russia, Yaroslava finds the answer in a very fascinating place. Lets hear her story...

In search for the truth.

By Yaroslava Shchekina, Russia

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your existence? Have you ever felt the emptiness and a nasty feeling somewhere deep in your stomach? Have you ever felt frustration or helplessness about not being understood by the others or about not being able to understand other people, comprehend some things in life? Have you ever tried without much success to change this or that nasty trait of character in you, that prevents you from being in harmony with yourself and the others?

Well, I truly have. That was what made me hungrily read books by Eckhart Tolle, Lobsang Rampa, Robin Sharma, Carlos Castaneda, Osho… among the others. Searching for different methods of self-improvement, including significant changes in eating habits, “putting a filter” to the incoming information and so on. And a deep interest in meditation. After several attempts to learn how to meditate (without significant advance) did I chance upon a Thai monk teaching about meditation in Lima. I believe nothing is by chance. That was my first true experience of meditation. Since then I just knew I was on the right way. Later, meeting amazing new people sharing my interests, more meditations, volunteering for Peace Revolution by doing something I always wanted to, and what was making me feel more complete somehow.

Yaroslava's article

The 42-day Self-Development Program helped me a lot in making meditation a habit. I started seeing some improvement in my character, in my attitude to work, in my relations with my partner, with my family. However, I also realized the challenges of this long process of self-improvement in search of Inner Peace. But the challenge is worth taking up. As the reward is our happiness and progress in life.

Therefore, being a volunteer within the project and doing something nice for the others from my heart, gave me an amazing opportunity to assist the retreat in Thailand and become a Peace Agent. I must say, that was an experience of my life. Teachings of the monks permitted to see clearer so many simple trues of the life, how should one organize himself in order to be successful as a Human Being. The beauty, isolation and nature of the island, the organization of our days there, some useful rules and schedule made me realize so many things. For the first time of my life did I come so close to seeing my true nature, my true Self. I started to really value so many important issues in life.

I never stop feeling gratitude to the organization for showing us the way, for giving us a tool. As for the answers, we do already have them. We do know the answers. We just forgot. No therapist, no book, no wise will give us the answer we deserve. Google doesn't have all the answers either. We are the ones who have all the answers. We just need to look in ourselves. Which is the way? Meditate. I feel the richest person now, just because I know I possess the most powerful tool to control my life. I still need to learn how to use it and see all the functions it has. But there is time. Sabai.

Ready to change your life?

Is it possible that just 2 weeks can change your life? Before I left for the retreat, another person who had recently returned from another retreat with Peace Revolution (retreat for the artists) told me- “It will change your life”. And guess what? He was right. Nevertheless, as our monks like to say: “Don't believe me, you can try yourself”.

I can just say that since I started meditating, I have noticed improvement in my work (I am a teacher; patience is what meditation helps me to evolve), and since I returned from the retreat, I started working differently, having developed my own methodology using meditation with my students. I have improved relationship with my parents. It is now much easier for me to understand my mother (thank you LP Prakit for clearing up the topic of parental love). My relationship with my boyfriend has also improved. I am so glad he supports me so much and is as committed with Peace Revolution as I am. Another interesting change is the one related to abundance…In clothes, food, words, activities… The retreat made me see how little one needs to feel complete.

Well, to make a long story short, I just wanted to mention that there are many ways to live our life. And there are many ways to waste out precious and irretrievable time. Meditation really helps you to be more effective in whatever you do, become mindful of your actions, and see your true mission in life. Peace Revolution project, using the Dhammakaya meditation technique is a wonderful gift for the truth searchers, for those, who haven't found the answers in Google…