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Russia Online Meditation Experience

Russia Online Meditation experience

Peace Revolution’s Peace Agent Ekaterina Kovina who resides in Yekaterinburg, Russia, successfully organize Meditation sessions in her hometown and nearby, Polevskoy. Polevskoy is famous for people who are serious in learning to practice meditation and yoga. Thus Miss Kovina is essentially needed to help organizing the events there regularly. The sessions were all about meditation and yoga techniques. Especially online-meditation sessions which were conducted and supervised by Venerable Paramai Dhanissaro, aka LP John.

The online-meditation-session events took place via an online application Skype, where a group of participants, including the organizer Miss Kovina, gathered in the meditation room, which is connected across the globe over Skype, to Peace Revolution’s headquarters office.

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Online-Meditation is a new event for all participants there, and everyone is in anticipation to try it. Some of them even traveled all the way from another town to participate the events.

Post-session reveals high successive meditation result. Meditation techniques guided by LP John help some participants to focus at the center of their mind. Some could feel the visualizations of the sun in their mind. One of the participant experienced the vastly emptiness of the Universe that brings calm and happiness to the mind.

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The events inspire people to practice more in meditation and are in anticipation for the upcoming sessions and after. Let’s just say that meditation brings real peace and happiness to their mind.

Submitted on 18 Sep 2014 11:02