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10th International Human Rights Summit Youth For Human Rights International (YHRI) Brussels, 6-9th Of September 2013

The 10th Annual Human Rights International Summit was held in Brussels, from 6th to 9th of September 2013. The Summit brought together Youth  Delegates and Ambassadors  from more than 30 countries. Also present were UN officials, human rights representatives, ambssadors and members of the civil society.

Among the countries represented were Austria, Australia, Albania, Belgium, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, Congo, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Liberia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, United States of America and the Vietnamese community.

Our Peace Architect, Anca Gliga, was selected as Youth Delegate of Romania due to her work with the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR) on the GlocalTour project, an initiative on education for development and particularly the Millennium Development Goals, as well as due to her work with Peace Revolution.

During the Summit, the Youth Delegates and Ambassadors had the opportunity to make speeches, presenting their work at local, regional, national or international level. It was a space for sharing good practices, learning and inspiring each other and discussing how human rights education can be furthered at an international level.

More Information : http://www.youthforhumanrights.org/

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