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Rosemarie Balana Rivera

Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer at World Peace Initiative

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I came to the point in life where I no longer know who am I, where to go, what do I really want to do and I started also questioning about my life’s meaning and purpose. Maybe it was what they call the quarter life crisis since I was in my mid 20’s that time. I wanted to change things, people and control circumstances by shifting jobs, avoiding difficult people and escaping the environment I am currently living in. But someone told me that it will not matter since the situation will probably always be the same if I will be the same person. I would always be affected by the reactions of the people I am surrounded with regardless of the change in the environment and the likes. I couldn't agree more. I know I have to change ME, start focusing on the things I can control and choose my battles. So I try out new things and grab every opportunity to learn hoping that it could answer some of my life questions. Fortunately, I was able to be reminded of my peace revolution account I created 6 years ago (last 2013) with the aims of spreading peace and starting the change within me. So it kind of resonated the same solution for the confusion I had during my quarter life. After the 42-day Self-development program, I have realized that for the past years, I was only focusing on the first two (physical and intellectual). But after getting to know The Feast (a weekly fellowship and worship of a group of Catholics who welcomes other religions as well) and the SDP 42-day program, I got to realize that there is also a need to develop the other aspects of life such as the emotional and spiritual categories. By then, I was able to come up with my own definition of spirituality and it is not necessarily the practice of a religion but instead it is a feeling of inner peace, self-actualization which leads to self-transcendence – the actual peak of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.

Beginner Course for Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers
Certified Peace Architect since 15 Jun 2020


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