Peace Architect Miriam Nwosah
Miriam Nwosah

Miriam Nwosah

Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer at World Peace Initiative

  • Nigeria

Miriam Nwosah is a dynamic creative entrepreneur with a passion for the arts, design, film, and music. As the creative director at Webizza Studio, a leading content marketing agency, she brings her innovative vision to life, seamlessly blending creativity with strategic thinking. Miriam's expertise extends across multiple domains, where she crafts compelling narratives and visually stunning content that captivates audiences. In addition to her role at Webizza Studio, Miriam is a certified mindfulness and meditation trainer, showcasing her commitment to holistic well-being. She is also a member of Lagos Peace Club in Nigeria. Her unique combination of artistic flair and mindfulness expertise is reflected in her work, creating not only visually appealing content but also content that resonates on a deeper, introspective level. Miriam's creative pursuits transcend traditional boundaries, making her a standout figure in the intersection of art, design, film, and music. With a keen eye for detail and a heart attuned to mindfulness, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the creative landscape, inspiring both her team at Webizza Studio and those who engage with her multifaceted work.

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