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Carmina Morales

Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer at World Peace Initiative

  • Mexico
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Carmina is a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Trade and a master's degree with merits in Finance and Development Economics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She was corporate buyer for Northe America in one of the most important companies in the automotive industry in Mexico. Carmina is the president and founder of a NGO dedicated to the human and economic development of people through their cultural resources. She enjoys generating and leading projects on cultural and creative entrepreneurship, applied art and culture for leadership, social prevention of violence and mindfulness. From different platforms, Carmina is dedicated to designing, carrying out and disseminating projects that contribute to the construction of community, specializing in the generation of cultural, creative and introspective experiences for the experiential learning of soft skills, awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity and the peace building. She joined Peace Revolution in 2015, where she discovered a path to self-knowledge, self-care and self-realization through meditation. Since then, Carmina devoted personal and organizational efforts to work with World Peace Initiative Foundation to promote meditation as a peace building tool. From 2015 to date, he has organized meditation sessions, retreats and workshops that exceed 1,600 participants. Among its most important partners are the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Tec Milenio and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Toluca.

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