Online Self-Development

Self-Development Program

Self-Development Program

Start the inside journey of 6-week FREE online self-development program of Guided Meditation & Daily Reflection and your life will never be the same. Success guaranteed if finish at least 21 days!

What you will learn

During this 42-days program, you will learn how to be in charge of your mind so that you can let go of all unnecessary burdens and tensions. Meditation practice will help you find balance inside. Our tips and questions about stress will help you adjust your habits outside.

Meditation + habit building =

By the end of this program, you will

  • Be able to meditate
  • Know different techniques of meditation like breathing, mantra, visualization, loving kindness.
  • Adjust your self-care habits to reduce stress factors in your life
  • Will hack your mind - it will feel ok even when you are stressed

Course Structure

Guided meditation videos

Daily video provided for you to watch and follow the instruction on meditation step by step.

Daily Reflection

A feature to keep track of your own self-development.

Acts of Self-Discipline

Different lessons on how to cut bad habits with little daily effort.

Meditation Journal

A space to record your own meditation experience where you can consult your personal Peace Coach who will mentor you along your self-development journey.

Peace Coach

Every person who starts our program will have a companion in their journey: a Peace Coach. Our Peace Coaches are experienced meditators who on daily basis and voluntarily will offer their time, energy, support and knowledge to those who are doing our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never tried meditation before? Can I still join?

The program is suitable for beginners and those who already have meditation practice. The technique we share has proved to shown incredible results even for very experienced practitioners.

I don’t think I can meditate. I am constantly thinking about something.

Everyone can meditate, you just need to know the right technique. We shall guide you step by step and after this program you will know you CAN meditate. Our teacher has 7 years of experience. Our coaches are patient and can give answer to (almost) any question.

Is this a religious practice?

In Peace Revolution we practice meditation as a tool to be in charge of our minds. We learn to relax and concentrate the mind on demand, and to find peace inside ourselves, but we do not teach or attach it to any religious dogma. Meditation can be a religious practice, but it can also be a secular practice and a tool for mind training, depending on how you see it. Define your own purpose of practicing.

Why should I learn to meditate with Peace Revolution?

Peace Revolution was the first free online meditation program 10 years ago, when no one even considered to teach meditation online. Since then we have had 123582 registered users and 103471 participants in offline workshops in 148 countries. We have guided 76 retreats around the world with 1375 graduates of our programs. We have shared meditation with over 230 000 people.

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