Peace Architect

Peace Revolution Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor a.k.a Peace Architect is the designer of the 'building plans' for world peace, which is constructed on the firm foundation of inner peace. Peace Architect will devote him/herself to restore balance and harmony to human society, environment and the world. They are qualified to guide basic Dhammakaya meditation for beginners as well as present, design, and operate peace-building (PIPO) events and workshops.

In order to be qualified as a Peace Architect, a Peace Agent has to participate in a Peace Architect Training and pass a Peace Architect Test to obtain a license that is valid for one year. The renewal of the license is per one year basis, which the license holders have to meditate and cultivate their inner peace regularly. The first group of Peace Architects was announced during the first Peace Agent Summit in Thailand, December 2012.

List of qualified Peace Architects