Peace Revolution's Activities

At Peace Revolution, we provide both online and offline activities related to finding and discover own inner peace, self-development and bringing them all out to the world. Under the motto "PIPO", Peace Rebels will learn through these activities how to find the balance between activities for maintaining their inner peace and how to implement this inner peace activity into their daily life. The list of activities are as follows.


Online Activities


Inner Peace Time

a.k.a meditation is the core of the Peace Revolution. This′s time to disconnect from the world and re-connect with our true self. During Inner Peace Time, you will be able to find peace of mind or that we call inner peace. It′s really possible for everyone to do it no matter who you are, what country you are from or what belief you belong to. All other activities in Peace Revolution are centered around Inner Peace Time. So, why don′t you start having an Inner Peace Time today? You will know that it′s much easier than you imagine.



Self-Development Program

is a step-by-step online self-learning and non-formal education approach to easily learn about Inner Peace Time and how to cultivate habits, which are necessary for making the inner peace sustainable. The self-development program is created based on an ancient universal wisdom yet renewed to make it interesting, timeless and so cool for the new generation. The self-development program is a requirement for joining a Peace Revolution fellowship as well.



Special Ops

are activities that Peace Rebels learn to conduct inner peace activities to introduce Inner Peace Time to people they love, their friends, their family and their society. Once a Peace Rebel has discovered their inner peace, a feeling that will automatically emerge is the willingness to share the inner peace to others. So, you want to conduct a Special Ops but you don′t know how? Check out our Special Ops directory and learn about the success stories from fellow Peace Rebels and Peace Agents.




are online meditation activities organized four times a month according to the lunar calender when Peace Rebels, Peace Agents and peace lovers around the world unite their mind from every place around the world. It's not only a chance for Peace Rebels to try the LIVE guided meditation but it's also an opportunity for Peace Agents from different classes to get together and reunion again. Let′s try it once and experience a moment of peacefulness where time and space have no boundary to the mind.



Offline/Face-to-Face Activities


Peace Revolution Fellowship

are offline face-to-face training, which is the highlight of the Peace Revolution's training curriculum. In every fellowship program, Peace Revolution invites Peace Rebels who are serious about finding a deeper and more profound inner peace and really want to know more about themselves and how to successfully change themselves. This is a process to transform a Peace Rebel to become a Peace Agent who is a role model of living their life peacefully in the new era where advanced technology and the beauty of the mind meet. There are different fellowship programs, which each of them differ slightly.



PIPO on Demand

is a local, national, or international peace event being held in your country and being organized (or co-organized) by Peace Agents and Peace Rebels. There are several ways to organize the PIPO On-demand events. You can come up with a new way to organize your event that suits your environment or follow the models successfully implemented by the Peace Agents. Well, you may start by watching the videos we have already posted and see how things work out.