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“A Peace Club” is made of peace lovers and peacemakers who envision sustainable world peace through meditation and mindfulness practices. A Peace Club is a non-political and non-religious organization. It is also a community-based group of at least 10 active members, with no age limit. Peace Clubs in Africa create changemakers that promote sustainable solutions by combining inner peace with community projects to establish better and sustainable African societies. Peace club members meet on a regular basis to reflect and take action for positive social impact.

Peace Clubs | Impact

As groups of like-minded people aiming for social change and sustainable development, Peace Clubs organize various activities including community projects for youth and women empowerment, leadership and motivational workshops, social support for vulnerable people, sensitization campaigns in schools and universities about peace, sustainable development and environment protection. Through their activities, Peace Clubs INITIATE - IMPACT - INSPIRE and CONTRIBUTE to social positive changes using meditation and mindfulness practice.
In 2022, Peace Clubs’ activities reached 39,811 people all over Africa.

Peace Clubs | Presence in Africa

Currently, there are in total 40 Peace Clubs in Africa. They range from West & Central Africa to Eastern and Southern Africa in 40 cities and 19 different countries. Check the list below to find out if there is already a Peace Club in your city or country.











Palestinian Territory

South Sudan, Republic of





Congo, (Republic of the)







Burkina Faso









United States


I have learned from the on-line program much more than I ever thought I could in such a short time. I am a much calmer person, much less stressed and have physical benefits from it. I used to have a lot of stomach aches; I was always clenching my jaws from being stressed and since I started meditating that is all gone. I also found that I am a nicer person to my friends and I am able to focus better on my work.

Emilia Frost


I think more than meditation you become more sensitive and you really act differently. So, the way you think is different. The question for me was like " Yes, I need to change this, I am doing this wrong, maybe I can change this, how can I, etc

Barbara Favetto


I was surprised at the experience and how it changed me with all the encouragement to work on myself. I saw that by working on myself I naturally wanted to be a positive example and wanted to see the positive values that we were working on in ourselves. I wanted to see that naturally being worked on and a way to achieve it in my immediate surroundings through meditation.

Max Raphael

United States

One thing which really helped, was getting rid of some habits that were not good. Like not talking in an endearing way. So it really helped me. It helped me to explore myself, know more and explore the changes within myself. It has given me some peace that I've never experienced anywhere, just getting in touch with myself.

Mediatrix Shikoli


You start feeling a lot different and you start behaving differently towards other people. It’s very interesting because it’s mixing very ancient wisdom and new technology and helping more people all around the world get connected to the inner peace

Alexander Suárez Parra


"I really like this self-development program, and especially the daily entries. This is the way to discover yourself, to evaluate yourself, to understand yourself better, and what is important and what is not so important like to have a good relationship with your family, with your friends, and to see goodness in others."

Anastasiya Lashuk


"The questions in the program help me to think about myself, and how do I really behave. It is so easy for people to say “I think that I’m good”. But when I asked myself I started to analyze myself, I become more tolerant."

Kardelen Yaman


"I learned the importance of being mindful about my speech, about my behavior, about my activities. It brings good results to be mindful, you are more conscious about what you do and then you have good results, good behavior, you give and you receive."

Imigul Cengiz


Thank you for this wonderful meditation. I absolutely lost the sense of time! I enjoyed the vibration of the mantra that helped me to still my mind and fill a bit of peace after a hard day of work. I’m so happy! I shared my meditation with my friend, and we have huge smiles afterwards.

Justyna Szczepaniak


Meditation helped me reflect about what I was doing in my life and who I was with and the kind of relationships I had, my actions, my speech, everything. It made me see the importance of just being in the moment and not constantly thinking about the future or about the past.

Karolina Szulkowska

United States

Peace Clubs | Activities

Below are the activities of Peace Clubs around the world

gallery gallery gallery gallery gallery gallery

Peace Clubs | Membership Privileges

Joining or establishing a peace club offers the chance to learn by doing, to build leadership and some professional life skills through project management, peace building and community projects. Besides, peace club leaders and the members are entitled to many advantages, including:
Every year, ⅔ of the Peace Club Committee or CC are eligible to receive the scholarship for Peace Club Architect Training (PCAT) in Thailand after performing active role and responsibility for at least 6 months, finishing 42-day online self-development program, being fluent in English, and being able to perform the Peace Architect Task (or Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer) for at least one year after the training to develop the club further.
After one year of duty, Peace Architect can be the Advisor of the Club but not a part of the CC and still be able to seek financial support as of the Peace Architect. This scholarship of $3,000 includes airfare (from the country of the club to Thailand), accommodation, food, local or land transportation, and training fee, but not the visa fee.
The CC and its active members (of at least 3 months) can be considered to be WPI representatives and receive financial support in attending conferences, seminars, or forums which are related or beneficial to the club activities within the region.
According to their level and impact, Peace Clubs can also receive the WPI grant which can be used to run regular activities, organize outreach programs, or support active club members in case of accident or funeral with the consent of the club committee and the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) Regional Coordinator (RC) in the region where the peace club is established.

Peace Clubs | Empowerment Bootcamp (EBC)

WPI will organize EBC with the CC of each club that has 10 active members who finish 21 days of the 42-day online self-development program at the time of the interview. Every year, 1-2 active members who attend the EBC are eligible to receive the scholarship for Peace Club Architect Training (PCAT) in Thailand after performing active role and responsibility for at least 6 months, finishing 42-day online self-development program, and being able to perform the Peace Architect Task (or Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer) for at least one year after the training to develop the club further.

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Download the 2023 Peace Club Guideline to know more about WPI PEACE CLUBS, how to join one of them, or how to establish a peace club in your city/country.

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