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Peace Summits

WPI have hosted a series of summits which took place in four different regions of the world. Each of the summit is a combination between a meditation retreat, conference and a festival of peace. It became a rare opportunity for people to listen to success stories from top speakers in each region and learn from the workshops to find new perspectives and insights.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Summits

Doctors, Neuroscientists and Psychologists discuss the impact and role of mental health care tools in wellbeing and health, delivering innovative treatments and new bridges between body and mind based on research in mindfulness and meditation.

Peace Tour

All around the world, we have organized 297 meditation and mindfulness workshops held since 2010 until the 2024, with more than 149 countries taking part and over 105,245 participants.

International Peace Trainings

1,382 young leaders coming from 166 different countries have taken part in our trainings. getting a deeper insight in the relationship between inner peace and sustainable world peace and enhancing their ability to create peace within their family, professional and social environment.